Zinc Alloy Motorcycle Alarm Disc Lock MK617-5

Zinc Alloy Motorcycle Alarm Disc Lock MK617-5

Model No.: MK617-5 Hits: 86

Motorcycle Alarm Disc Lock Supplier: Anti-theft Motorcycle Disc Locks, Zinc Alloy, 2 batteries, 9V/PC, 110db Alarm System, Stainless Steel Lock Spindle.

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Name: MK617-5 Motorcycle Alarm Disc Lock.

1. Material: zinc alloy lock body, stainless steel lock spindle.
2. Finish: yellow powder coating.
3. Key combination: over 10,000.
4. Battery: 2 batteries; 9V/pc.
5. Alarm: 110db alarm system.

1. Lock with an electronic inductor alarm system, making a harsh sound to anti-theft.
2. Alarm system can be activated or inactivated, anti-drill and anti-pick.
3. Top security lock especially design for motorcycle, car, vessel warehouse, etc.

Warehouse, metal/wooden cabinet, electrical equipment, server, vehicle, boat, automobile, box, kiosk, train, locker, etc.

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