2018 CIFF - Locks with Accessible Luxury Designed by MAKE®

2018 CIFF - Locks with Accessible Luxury Designed by MAKE®

Elegant, modest, while neither cumbersome nor oversimplified, accessible luxury, a sought-after home decoration style among millennials is now adopted in the point-plane lock design concept of MAKE®, which, matching up with the latest type of doors and cabinets, outshines its predecessors in not only functionality and support ability, but in bringing a high-end yet simple visual impact as well.

Up to Sept 13rd, 2018, the three-day, 42nd CIFF came to an end. With more than 1,300 companies, this fair conveyed a proposition and an attitude toward the trend of modern living that presented in a novel, unique way. Moreover, it also followed and proved the value of design by encouraging the exchange of ideas among different cultures.

Built in 2005, MAKE® adheres the company tenet "ensure the satisfaction of customers and the happiness of employees", devoting to the safest workplace and product.

Make-one-stop lock solutions supplier-reliable locks

MAKE® attaches importance to the research and development of design, which account for 8% of expenditure every year. With over 50 professional lock designers obtained bachelor degree or higher, MAKE® is able to provide design solutions within three days, and the first sample within ten days.
MAKE® has acquired 72 patents, including 24 international patents, 23 patents for inventions.

Eye-catching locks from MAKE

Eye-catching products from MAKE®

Smart locks:
  1. With button, touchpad, fingerprint sensor, RFID, bluetooth
  2. Three-level management system, available for shared use or specified use.
  3. Keyless, universal, convenient and fast
  4. Unique secret key, safe and smart
  5. Customizable
Lock Maker-Make-Smart locks

Locker locks, combination locks:
  1. Password unlocking
  2. Instrument available in case you forgot the password
  3. Customizable
Locker locks, combination locks

Catch locks:
  1. Leading secure key system, four types of keys available
  2. Steady, rust-proof, drilling resistant, waterproof
  3. Master-key system
  4. Customizable
MAKE Catch lock

The new accessible-luxury home design is burgeoning. Meanwhile, more and more customers, enterprises choose to customize their locks because the quality and design of product matter. In this aspect, MAKE® will continue to strengthen the development and quality control of locks for the sake of customers.

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The exhibition corner
The exhibition corner

Exhibition stand of Make-one-stop lock solutions supplier
Exhibition stand of Make-One-stop lock solutions supplier

Foreign exhibitors have great interest in Make locks
Foreign exhibitors have great interest in Make locks

Exhibitors are interested in Make locks
Exhibitors are interested in Make locks