Chinese Lock Industrial Conference in Yiwu, Zhejiang

Chinese Lock Industrial Conference in Yiwu, Zhejiang

The Chinese lock industrial conference was hosted in Yiwu, a city of Zhejiang Province, from May 22 to 24, 2017.

More than 30 companies attended this lock industrial conference across the country, sharing their own industrial experience, exploring the hidden problem and discussing development strategies of lock industry.

With companies from locks, key cylinders, safe boxes, fingerprint locks, locksmith supplies, hardware and door furniture sectors, the industrial conference combined the product communication with the information exchange and displayed the products of some enterprises at the conference, which increased interactivity between companies.

At the conference, the experts from the Chinese lock manufacturing industry and the Chinese locksmiths shared their professional lock industrial analyses with the audience, and several Chinese famous lock companies also shared their own experience.

An expert from the Chinese lock manufacturing industry named Qiliang Wu directly said that fingerprint locks has been in a period of high-speed development since 2013.

Intelligent locks such as fingerprint locks have large market potential. There are large-scale applications of intelligent locks made in such countries as Japan and North Korea, where the penetration rate of intelligent locks reaches above 75%. However, the penetration rate of intelligent locks in China is so low that it only reaches about 5%.

According to Wu's analyses, the bad quality of intelligent locks will become a main challenge for the lock industry, which requires Chinese lock manufacturers to break the development bottleneck of lock industry thoroughly and promote the progress of the entire industry by exploring the right way to adjust the product mix and updating the standard of product quality.

Chunbao Wu, a manager of this lock conference, said that since most lock companies in Yiwu are at the low end of the lock market, they hoped to introduce more innovative ideas and products to the local lock industry by holding activities like this conference, bringing new domestic intelligence locks to the companies in Yiwu and boosting the local lock industry developing to the high end industry through the innovative high-technology products in the near future.

Wu also said they hope to lead this lock conference to become a platform introducing the market of Yiwu and the potential development space of the local lock market to the other lock companies across China.
Chinese Lock Industrial Conference in Yiwu, Zhejiang