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Shanghai International Lock Security Products Exhibition 2017
Posted: 06/19/2017 10:27:27  Hits: 178
Event: Shanghai International Lock Security Products Exhibition 2017.
Time: 2017.6.28-2017.6.30.
Site: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center.
Organizer: Shanghai Huide Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Electronic Lock: intelligent lock, fingerprint lock, magnetic card lock, facial recognition, etc.
Mechanical Lock: fire locks, mortise lock, luggage lock, furniture lock, security chain, etc.
Vehicle Lock: all kinds of car locks, motorcycle locks, bike locks, etc. 
Lock Accessories: doors and windows hardware, furniture hardware, lock production technology, lock production facilities, etc.
Security Product: alarm system, anti-theft system, intercom system, safe, information security system, etc.
Chongqing Dunyun Technology Co., Ltd
Xi'an Huijing Intelligent Tech Co., Ltd
Guangzhou WODSEE Electronics Co. Ltd
800 New Tech Co.,Ltd
Shanghai iRevo Electronics Co., Ltd.

About Shanghai International Lock Security Products Exhibition 2017:
With break-through points of the cutting-edge perspective and technical driving force, the organizer of Shanghai International Lock Security Products Exhibition 2017 has made arrangements of a variety of concurrent events and established a platform for communication and cooperation to promote commercial transactions, technical exchange, cooperation and promotion as well as to make the concurrent activities of the exhibition diversified in a further step.

The promotion strategy of the exhibition is radiating domestic buyers and even buyers across the whole world, which leads exhibitors to take effective measures to exploit markets not only in China but also in the whole world, and creates more opportunities for exhibitors to connect with potential buyers. 

Chinese outstanding lock enterprises and industry bases of security products will show together at Shanghai International Lock Security Products Exhibition 2017, bringing approximately twenty thousand relevant products whose new products account for approximately 60 percent. Nearly 500 leading lock and security industry enterprises are going to attend the exhibition.

Adhering to the thinking of "internationalization, professionalization, marketization and branding" and based on the cooperation with both professional media and industry associations, the Shanghai International Lock Security Products Exhibition is devoted to developing itself into an international and reputable brand of exhibition combined with trade negotiations, display & trade and information exchanges.
Shanghai international lock security products exhibition 2017