How to choose a school locker’s lock?

How to choose a school locker’s lock?
I still remember that when I was a student, the school desk was filled with the schoolbag and other stuff. Therefore, textbooks can only be put on the table, making the small desktop more crowded. With the development of the times, the society pays more and more attention to students' learning and living environment. Since lockers enter schools, the problem of keeping books on the desk is solved. Lockers can be used for kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, universities, etc. Students can keep schoolbags and other stuff in the locker, which makes the classroom tidy. The important thing is that even if you go home from school, you don't have to worry about losing your belongings!

Since it is a personal item, the security of the locker must be required. Let's simply talk about the characteristics of the locker's lock. Locks for school lockers are usually divided into cam locks, combination locks and electronic locks. It is recommended using a cam lock and a combination lock for students with high grades based on different grades. These locks have a long service life and low maintenance costs.

The common cam lock MK110-7J has a mutual opening rate of one out of ten thousand. It can be equipped with a master key and a changed lock cylinder key. If the student loses the key, the locker can be opened and the lock cylinder can be replaced without damaging the locker and the lock body.

Compared with the cam lock, the Combination Lock MK706 is easily installed. Students do not need to bring the key, they just need to remember their passwords set by themself. If the password is forgotten, the master key can be used to unlock the locker. And the probe can be used to get the password back, which is convenient and reliable.

Students with lower grades easily lost their keys or forget their passwords. The RFID Lock MK720 is especially important for them. Usually, the school will make the key of the RFID Lock into a bracelet shape and label the key. The keys will be given to students. Each student can only open his own locker. This kind of wearable key is not easy to be lost. Even if a student lost his key, the master card can be used for emergency unlocking. More importantly, the RFID Lock is compatible with the existing smart card system, which means that students can enter the school, have a meal and keep their personal things by their cards. It is very convenient.