How to Open a Drawer Lock?

How to Open a Drawer Lock?
In our daily life, drawers are very important storage space. The belongings in the drawer are personal. The drawer lock not only guarantees safety of the belongings in the drawer, but also is an important measure to protect privacy.

How to install a drawer lock?
Although drawer locks have a great variety, their installation processes are basically the same. The installation processes are as the following.

Preparation before installing a drawer lock
First, identify whether the lock is a drawer lock or not. Check whether or not the opening directions of the keyhole and lock bolt are the same. Avoid confusing a drawer lock with a cabinet lock. Use the key to open the drawer lock for a few times so as to check whether or not the transmission part is flexible. Check whether components of drawer locks are complete or not. Prepare installation tools such as hammers, hand saws, screwdrivers, wood chisels, measuring tapes, etc. 

You need to be careful in the installation process in order to avoid scratching the paint on the surface of furniture. Find out the central position of the lock installation, and drill a hole by a drill. Take the center line of the drawer lock as the symmetry axis, and mark the inserting position based on sizes of the lock box and width of the soleplate. Mark the depth of inserting groove based on the inner surface of the drawer, the length of the cylinder and the thickness of the lock box.

There is no need to install drawer handles for those drawers which are installed with drawer locks. The key can be used as the drawer handle. When we need to open the drawer, insert the key into the lock core and clockwise turn the key 360 degrees. When the lock bolt is in the lock body, counterclockwise turn the key at an angle and pull the key to open the drawer. After the drawer is opened, turn the key clockwise to the open position, so that the key can be removed.
When the drawer needs to be locked, close the drawer by hands and then insert the key into the lock. Turn the key 360 degrees counterclockwise and pull the key. The drawer will be locked.