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Is the notebook computer laptop security lock a chicken rib?

Is the notebook computer laptop security lock a chicken rib?

Is the laptop lock a chicken rib? This is the biggest misunderstanding of it.

Since the birth of the notebook computer, it has its own security keyhole, but it seems that few people use it. Therefore, when it comes to laptop locks, everyone thinks it is very tasteless. But don't you think it is too arbitrary that you say the laptop security locks are like chicken ribs just because you don't use it often? Hegel's "what exists is reasonable" is by no means unreasonable. Everything must have its meaning in existence.

Is the notebook computer laptop security lock a chicken rib?

The laptop lock is generally composed of two parts: a lock head and an alloy cable. The cable can be wrapped around a fixed object at one end, and the other is fixed with a security lock hole reserved by the computer to ensure that the computer cannot be moved at will, thereby realizing the security of the laptop. 

Many people think that the notebook computer locks seem like chicken ribs. In fact, the environment in which they use the computer is relatively closed and safe, so the computer lock is not used at all. In fact, for people who often use laptops, especially those who travel frequently, it is very practical to have a laptop lock in the bag.

Nowadays, the network is developed, people are almost on call 24 hours a day, even on the road, there is often a need to handle official duties. In the airport waiting hall, high-speed rail station, coffee shop, it is not uncommon to see a busy figure holding a laptop.When you need to stand up temporarily, it is time for the laptop lock to play its role.

Is the notebook computer laptop security lock a chicken rib?

In addition to the many applicable scenarios, the laptop lock has a wide range of applicable devices. Tablet PCs, projectors, camcorders, cameras, etc., have security lock holes reserved for computer locks. When people carry equipment for outdoor work, or in public places that provide convenience for the general public, computer locks are a necessity for people to feel more at ease.

To achieve the security guarding against theft, the quality of the computer lock itself must not be sloppy. For the lock part, we should pay attention to the technology of the security lock and avoid the lock's being easily opened. Make laptop locks are designed with a double-lock housing design. And it can be equipped with a master key system, which can prevent smashing and anti-drilling and has high safety.. The cable part needs high-quality materials to ensure that it can't be broken and cut. Make computer lock cables are mostly made of zinc alloy, which has the advantages of corrosion resistance and long service life. There are many types and specifications to choose from.

Is the notebook computer laptop security lock a chicken rib?
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