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Lock Industry Development Trend
Posted: 12/05/2015 05:20:37  Hits: 444
This article illustrates lock industry development trend from eight aspects:

1. Standardization: pay attention to product innovation and patent application and enhance the core competitiveness, the protection of intellectual property rights is becoming more and more standard.
2. Interpret products: pay attention to product details and quality and reflect consumers' taste and understanding of the product from the details.
3. Pay attention to quality and brand: really good brand connotation is the crystallization of quality, durability and sustainability; quality is the life of the enterprise.
4. Complete solution of locks and hardware: at present, part of manufacturers have formed complete product line of smart door locks, building door locks, door furniture, sanitary hardware, a total of five categories and 18 series. Always focus on lock centered and construction hardware, furniture hardware assorted hardware products for system integration and always commit to become experts in lock industry.
5. Focus on user experience and product humanization: considering application situation, user demand, consumer habits, developers have conducted thorough study in the existing market of indoor lock. After adopting the door factory and other senior industrial customers' feedback, developers bring new design on lock body function to meet the needs of families.
6. Focus on culture and individual taste in industrial design: the lock hardware design in the market is multifarious, but little manufacturer bring cultural connotation into the design from the start.
7. Environmental protection and energy saving and safety: severe environmental problems call for more responsible producers' concrete actions. Whether the product passes the environment system and occupational health and safety system certification, whether electroplating technology is adopted to reduce cyanide, whether reach the standard of electroplating wastewater treatment and electroplating industry pollutants emission, are all problems manufacturers began to pay more attention.
8. Fingerprint lock for the popularization of biological recognition technology: The rise of biological recognition technology application and the development of smart and intelligent lock hardware together will lift locks and hardware to a new height and intelligent household is likely to step into ordinary Chinese families in the near future. At present, intelligent locks with high technology, including coded lock, IC card lock and fingerprint lock has gradually won the high-end consumer' recognition, and obtained a place in the market application because of its unique convenience, as well as the gradually mature technology. And fingerprint lock, using biological recognition technology, has a broader market prospect because of the uniqueness of fingerprints.

Lock Industry Development Trend