Maintenance of Smart Locker Locks

Maintenance of Smart Locker Locks

Locker is an article that is often used in the daily life. With the continuous upgrading of lockers, the lockers equipped with smart locks have gradually replaced the traditional lockers needed keys to open. The lockers with smart locks have the advantages of simple operation, safety and reliability. Thus, that kinds of lockers are favored by the majority of consumers. Although the locker is relatively easy to use, you should not neglect its maintenance, especially the smart lock used on the locker. So how to maintain the loker lock? If you are interested, please read on the article.

Smart Locks

1. Keep Locks Clean and Dry

For most locks, keeping the surface clean and dry is very important in the daily maintenance of locks and so is the smart locker locks. If you don't pay attention to cleaning during the use of the smart locker lock, it is easy for the lock to accumulate dust or dirt, which will affect the performance of the smart lock over time. When cleaning the lock, you should wipe it lightly with dry soft cloth, which can keep the lock dry and avoid dampness. Meanwhile, the soft cloth will not scratch the lock surface and not affect the beauty of the lock.

2. Maintain a Good Use Environment

Intelligent locker lock is different from traditional lock. The former has certain requirements for the use environment. The performance and service life of the intelligent locker lock will be affected by high temperature, excessively cold and humid environment. In order to avoid the occurrence of those problems from the source, you can make purchase of the ABS intelligent locker lock made by Make. The waterproof and dustproof grade of that lock is IP54, the applicable temperature ranges from -15℃ to 65℃, and the suitable humidity ranges from 5% to 95%, effectively preventing water, moisture and dust.

In addition, you must pay attention not to letting the locking surface contact with corrosive substances. Otherwise, that substances will not only destroy the protective layer of the lock surface and affect the glossiness of the lock surface, but also cause oxidation of the surface coating, thus causing varying degrees of damage to the lock and affecting its use.

3. Non-professional Disassembly is Prohibited

The internal structure of an intelligent lock is often much more complicated than that of a traditional lock. The smart lock contains numerous electronic components inside. If you are not familiar with the internal structure of the lock, it is best not to disassemble it casually. When the intelligent lock breaks down, you can consult the manufacturer. Generally, there will be special after-sales service personnel to help you solve the problem. Make smart locker lock is not only cost-effective, but also factory direct sale. And it has a perfect after-sales service system. If customers have any feedback, Make can quickly track and deal with it.

4. Check the Battery Regularly

Intelligent locker lock is also an electronic product, which is basically powered by batteries. Therefore, in the daily maintenance of the smart locker lock, you need to regularly check the battery, especially in high temperature weather, it is more necessary to check the batteries to avoid battery leakage and corrosion. Once the battery of the smart lock is found to be low in power or to be leaking, replace the battery immediately and do not mix the old battery with the new one. If the battery of the smart lock was dead, you can use the spare key to open the lock, or use the external mobile power supply to charge the battery and the lock can be opened after normal operation.
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5. Maintain Mechanical Lockhole

For some smart locker locks, mechanical lock holes will also be provided as spare parts. For instance, smart electronic key cipher locker lock MK731-1. Care should be taken to maintain the mechanical lock holes when maintaining the smart lock. If you do not use a mechanical key to open the door for a long time, there may be problems in inserting and removing the key. When the mechanical key is not smooth to use, do not add lubricating oil to the lock hole randomly, but put a little graphite powder or pencil powder into the plug slot to ensure the key opens the lock normally.
Smart Electronic Key Cipher Lock
Those are the five ways to maintain the smart locker lock. Did you maintain the smart lock in those ways? Xiamen Make Security Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer dedicated to providing high-end locks for lockers, focuses on the combination of product characteristics and user needs, and has developed a series of intelligent locks suitable for the lockers made of wood, sheet metal, plastic and other materials. At the same time, Make attaches great importance to original design, owns more than 200 patents at home and abroad, and implements strict quality control in every production link to ensure the quality and performance of products, winning the praise of the majority of customers.