Why are the Locks on Claw Machines usually Tubular Locks?

Why are the Locks on Claw Machines usually Tubular Locks?

When you go shopping and have dinner with friends, if you see a claw machine, can you not help trying clipping the doll? As a popular form of entertainment for the majority of young people, claw machine is now a common device in major shopping malls and entertainment venues. However, because people come and go around the clip doll machine, and the machine is deficient in regulation, it is often necessary for the operator to carefully choose a proper lock for the claw machine to protect its safety. Among the locks used in these clip doll machines, the most common one is the tubular lock.

Tubular Lock

Tubular locks are one of the common locks in our daily life. There are a large number of tubular locks and they are widely used. So, how does the tubular lock stand out in the competition with many locks and become a necessity for the safety of the claw crane? Make will tell you in detail!

Firstly, the tubular lock is cost-effective. It is a kind of pin tumbler lock, which is controlled to open the lock by internal structure. The upper and lower pins of the tubular lock are distributed annularly. The key is tubular, small and precise. And it is with large number of dense teeth so that it can be used in places with slightly higher safety requirements. Although the working principle of the tubular lock is simple, the lock can prevent technical opening and destruction, and its safety is not inferior to other locks. What’s more, the tubular lock has the price advantage. On the whole, it is highly cost-effective, so it has become the choice of many businesses.

Claw machine belongs to a form of unmanned retail, so it has high safety requirements. The plug of the tubular lock is unique and has high safety. A plurality of holes are radially distributed on the surface of the plug. Those holes correspond to the holes on the lock body and ensure the necessary concentricity. That special structure makes it quite difficult for thieves to open the lock. Therefore, the tubular lock has good anti-theft performance and high safety. It is quite suitable for the clip doll machine. In addition, at the cylinder of the tubular lock, Make can also design anti-drilling steel balls according to customers requirements to enhance the safety factor of the lock. At present, the tubular lock has two specification: seven copper pins and ten copper pins. And tens of thousands of keys can be made to open the lock in the industry.
Tubular Cam Lock
Tubular cam lock MK100B

Due to the scattered space of the claw machine, it poses a great challenge to the managers. When managers need to manage and maintain the claw crane, a bunch of keys are not only inconvenient to carry, but also very troublesome to find the corresponding keys. Make tubular locks are equipped with master keys and management systems. There are tens of thousands of key combinations. Managers only need to carry one key with them to manage and maintain claw machines in many places, thus solving the trouble of "heavy key ring".
A Tubular Lock
American style vending machine lock / game machine lock/ T-type lock MK220

For the vast number of claw machine operators, it is the tubular lock itself that has strong security, high cost effectiveness and can be used as a master key and other characteristics, which makes it able to stand out in the competition with many locks and become a necessity for the safety of the claw machine. The tubular locks produced by Make are of various types, with good coverage and safety performance. Besides applied to claw machines, the tubular lock can also be widely used in intelligent terminals, electromechanical equipment, cabinets, vending machines and other equipment. If you are interested, you can move to our website to learn more about tubular locks!