MAKE Tubular Press Lock—Standard for Light Box Advertising

MAKE Tubular Press Lock—Standard for Light Box Advertising

As the saying goes: "Who never uses an advertising lightbox is not a merchant that can do business." In subways, streets, airports, cinemas and other public places, various types of advertising light boxes have already become an important means of marketing and publicity for various businesses. Rich glyphs, gorgeous colors and strong texture make the advertising light box show a unique decorative effect.

While bringing huge economic benefits to advertisers by virtue of strong visual impact and influence, the safety of advertising lightboxes can not be ignored. Because there are many advertising lightboxes in outdoor and public places, and the lightboxes are covered with lamp elements, it is necessary to give priority to the safety factor and durability of advertising lightboxes. Therefore, installing high-security and high-quality tubular press locks for advertising lightboxes is a way to improve the safety factor of advertising lightboxes.

Among the locks used in advertising light boxes, the tubular press lock is a common lock. The tubular press lock is simple in structure, only contains the lock core component, and is small in size, and does not occupy too much space of the advertising light box during installation. Different from the tumbler lock, the tubular press lock has no locking tongue, and the locking hole is small, so it is not easy to be destroyed. The lock head can be designed with anti-drilling steel balls, which have two specifications: 7 marbles and 10 marbles. The size of the key tooth is more than 10,000, and the safety factor is higher.

Generally speaking, the advertisements of advertising lightboxes need to be updated and replaced frequently, so the advertising lightboxes also need to be opened frequently. This requires that the locks we install for advertising lightboxes can be opened quickly and can withstand high-frequency opening work at the same time. When the tubular press lock is used, it can be locked and opened only by simple pressing, which is convenient to operate. The unlocking mode of horizontal pressing makes it own more durable quality, which is very in line with the requirements of the using scene of advertising lightboxes.

In the maintenance and management of advertising lightboxes, the master key and management system of tubular press locks are also great advantages. Because of the large number and wide distribution of advertising lightboxes, it is also a great challenge for managers. When it is necessary to manage and maintain the advertising lightbox, it is inconvenient to carry the keys, and it is very troublesome to find the corresponding keys. MAKE tubular lock is matched with master keys and management system, and there are tens of thousands of key flowers. When managers manage and maintain, they only need to carry one key with them, which is very convenient.

The above is the knowledge about tubular press locks commonly used in advertising lightboxes. If you want to know more about tubular press locks, please keep paying attention to us!