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Micro-enterprises & Immature Hardware Industry in China
Posted: 02/14/2015 04:38:44  Hits: 1126
Hardware industry in China is still in the low-end, and industrial chain is also immature. One of the biggest characteristic is numerous small micro enterprises, which can bring full market competition, but the severe phenomenon of homogeneity still hindered the development of industry. At present domestic brands being recognized and well-known by consumers are relatively few. Although development situation is good, the competition level is still low. The industry still lacks a true innovation force to promote such a jump.
According to the statistics of market research center, competition will still be in the brand, quality and channel in the future. Especially in the future market competition will no longer be within domestic company. As foreign locks giants pour into the Chinese market, foreign acquisitions of Chinese enterprises are accelerating. Now lock industry has begun to upscale into higher level, which changes from traditional cottage manufacturing to brand enterprise design. Brand products are gradually getting popular among new middle-class consumers. Narrowly domestic development prevents the whole industry chain from extension, therefore it is difficult to form systematic and serializable development. The lack of brand consciousness makes lock industry unable to produce famous brand enterprises or star products. Most companies can only agent international brand and become a "migrant workers", so as a "supporting role" in the vast domestic lock industry of the market.
With the opening up of the market and accelerating process of our locks industry with the world, high-end products will play an important role in the international competition of market. Security, beautiful and practical and decorative lock products will be the mainstream of the future. Electronic smart lock development will enter a fast development track. According to market research, the share of the domestic market in biological recognition and electronic technology will achieve 40 billion yuan - a total of more than 5000 sets.
As the rapid development of pillar industries such as house, car, high-grade office buildings and hotels etc, as well as the growing demand for high defensive locks products from national defense, public security, finance and other systems, high-grade locks market has a good future. According to experts’ introduction, high-tech products like biological recognition technology, electronic technology in the consumer market of locks are still in a blank stage, but the demand of consumers in the market is growing every year. Each lock companies developed IC card electronic door locks, electronic combination lock, encryption card door locks, building intercom security system, the valve locks, and fingerprint lock, etc. Because of high technical content, more prominent humanity and personalized features, so the products have a high profit.
At present, there are four trends in hardware market:
  1. More attention is paid to cultural connotations and distinct personality in industrial design. Locks in the market are multifarious and wide variety, but there are few being integrated with cultural connotation from the beginning of the design. Therefore, the first trend is the new design on lock body function to meet the demand of family, which has more consideration on customer experiences and humanized products.
  1. The rise of intelligent locks or intelligent hardware: at present, because of their unique convenience of intelligent locks with higher science and technology content, including combination locks, IC card locks, fingerprint locks, as well as the fingerprint locks of biological recognition technology as technology gradually mature, the uniqueness of fingerprints, no copy, easy to carry, and no missing features, so they have a more broad market prospect.
  1. Hardware locks enterprises pay more attention to the details of hardware products and keep improving product quality. The details reflect consumer taste, as well as the understanding of the connotation of the products. This means focusing on technology and quality certification, keep the pace of product standards with international practice. This is one point the consumers are more concerned about.
  1. Enterprises are more concerned about quality and brand. The real connotation of good brand is the quality, durability, the crystallization of sustainable development; quality is the life of the enterprise. Pay attention to product innovation and patent application, improve the core competitiveness, and make the protection of intellectual property rights more and more normative.
Enterprises have to timely follow market trends
According to the report of China's lock industry market and developing trend of supply and demand forecast, in addition to pay attention to quality and the pursuit of innovation, hardware locks enterprises have to do marketing strategy, so as to have an impregnable position in the market. Enterprise marketing is to rack one's brains, spend effort and do their nature marketing! Understand the market needs that marketing should have own personality, with its distinctive characteristics to create demand to attract consumers; on the other hand it is an all-round way to meet customers' nature demand, that is to say, the enterprise should develop naturalize, rich and colorful products to break through the conventional marketing filled of force, mining, guide, create and meet the market demand, to accord with the personalized consumption of people of today's new things, difference, and change.
Enterprise must use different marketing ability from competitor for intentionally lead the market and consumer groups to grow up in a favorable direction, change the potential market into real market, and gradually widen the distance with competitors to make itself more unique, and eventually achieve the purpose of a marketing concept of exploiting market and occupying the market. Satisfy the personalized demand at most, so the so-called "customer is god", all start from the customer's need, offer disparate services by creating a good relationship with every customer. In nature marketing, consumers choose and buy goods completely self-centered, and when the existing goods cannot meet demand, you can put forward specific requirements to the enterprise to customize an ideal product to consumers. Having king products will virtually increase market competitiveness of enterprises.
In the increasingly competitive market, anyone whose products can meet the customer need most will finally win. Hardware enterprises understand the change of market demand, timely formulate nature marketing strategy, so the market competition of enterprises improves, and enterprise's economic efficiency will rise to further promote the growth of the enterprise to expand! Expansions of all these features make it become an important department of buildings, and at the same time more greatly improve the market competition ability of the hardware locks. Anyone who can grasp the direction of the market can succeed.
Micro-enterprises & Immature Hardware Industry in China