Safe Box Lock Keeps Important Stuff Safe

Safe Box Lock Keeps Important Stuff Safe

"Set a small goal and earn 100 million first", which is from MR Jianlin Wang. It has been pop on the internet for some time and causes the net friends sign and imitate. For ordinary people, how to save this huge wealth? Many people will choose to use the safe box. It is quite important that if you select a confidential and secure key for your safe box.

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In daily money management and consumption, such as buying the securities, futures, fund and stocks as venture investment, or buying the jewelry, antiques as stuff with the collective value, or buying the real estate and vehicles which are valuable propriety with appreciation, or collect something that have special meaning, etc. In this way, we acquire many certificates, contracts, transaction documents and big-small valuable stuff. When you are worried about how to keep them safe, the safe box lock comes in handy one more time.


We usually find that there is a save box with lock in high end hotel's room, which can protect the private property and stuff safe effectively. MAKE has developed a new cam lock MK708 with 4 digit mechanical password. It is nice looking, can un-lock both by turning left and right, and also with the all-powerful system. If you forget the password, you can use manager key to unlock, then you can find the password after unlocking. The save box lock is with the feature of high safety, easy fix, password pulley feeling smooth. It has been widely used in homes, banks, gyms, bath center and so on.

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MAKE 4 Digit Mechanical Password Locks MK708
We find that save box is always used to store the valuable and irreplaceable stuff whether for families or individuals. So safe box locks is with always high importance. Xiamen MAKE Security Technology Co., Limited. is a high-tech company specialized in providing industrial locks and commercial locks, MAKE supplies high quality and high safety tailored safe box locks for all kinds of save boxes in homes, hotels, banks, gyms and bath center. What is more, the locks have been widely used in many countries. If you need any information or have any question, please contact us at