The Classification of Cam Locks

The Classification of Cam Locks
Cam locks, also known as tumbler locks, are very common hardware accessories whether in industry or life. As a common industrial lock, the tumbler lock is widely used, which can be divided into the following categories according to its structure.
1. Pin Tumbler Cam Lock

It refers to the lock pin whose internal structure controls the rotation of the lock as copper marbles. The advantage is that unlocking is smooth. Generally speaking, the marbles lock can have 7 marbles, which can combine into nearly 10,000 kinds of keys with good safety.

Pin Tumbler Cam Lock

MAKE Technology improved the ordinary pin lock and produced a double-sided pin lock. There is a row of pins on both sides of the lock core of the double-sided pin lock, which has the advantage that the number of dense teeth is larger than that of ordinary pin locks with the same length, and the key can be plugged and unplugged smoothly, so it can be used in general industrial fields.
2. Disc Tumbler Cam Lock

It refers to the metal disc (commonly made of copper sheet and stainless steel sheet) used as the lock pin whose internal structure controls the rotation of the lock. The disc tumbler cam lock has the advantages of simple structure, easy processing and relatively low price, which is commonly used in mailboxes, filing cabinets, toolboxes and other occasions.   

Disc Tumbler Cam Lock

With the development of the times, the safety of the disc tumbler lock has been greatly improved, developing into locks with more complex structure and higher safety, such as the disc in disc tumbler lock. MAKE disc tumbler lock adopts the design concept of wafer-in-wafer, integrating multiple security structures, with 10 billion teeth, which can be used in scenes with high-security requirements such as financial terminals.
3. Triangle Cam Lock

The lock core of this kind of cam lock is a solid triangle, a straight line, a square, etc. It has the advantages of key sharing, convenient management and strong durability, and is widely used in trains, subways, industrial boxes and other places.

Triangle Cam Lock

MAKE triangle cam lock is made of zinc alloy. The lock shell and lock cylinder are made of stainless steel, and the surface is treated with bright chrome. It not only has a beautiful appearance but also can prevent rust and corrosion, especially suitable for outdoor use. In addition, some triangle locks of MAKE are specially equipped with dust caps, which are waterproof and dustproof. The key is made of high-strength and high-quality zinc alloy, which is resistant to strength, light torsion and wear, and ensures the firmness and durability of triangle cam locks.
Matters needing attention in selecting cam locks:
1. Confidentiality
That is, the reliability of the lock with confidentiality. It is mainly determined by the structure (such as the arrangement of blades and the action of springs).
2. Firmness
The degree of the lock's ability to resist external damage is mainly considered by the material used in the lock.
3. Long Effect
That is, the effective length of the tumbler, which determines whether the cam lock is matched with the equipment.
4. Durability
It refers to the service life of the lock. There are two main factors to consider: first, the stability of the structure; second, the materials used with anti-corrosion and waterproof ability.
5. Mutual Opening Rate
It refers to the phenomenon that another lock can be opened with its own key. The mutual opening rate affects the safety performance of the lock. Generally, the lower the mutual opening rate is, the safer the lock is.
The above is the classification of cam locks and the matters needing attention when choosing them. MAKE has various types of cam locks with comprehensive coverage and good safety performance in a wide application range. If you have any questions about the purchase, installation and after-sales of our industrial locks, please contact us in time.