The Epidemic Prevention Work of MAKE Were Confirmed

The Epidemic Prevention Work of MAKE Were Confirmed

Jimei district leaders visited us! The epidemic prevention and rehabilitation work of MAKE were confirmed! 

Recently, Dongning He, deputy secretary of Jimei District Committee and district leader of Jimei, and Zhicheng Lin, deputy secretary of Jimei District Committee, have visited MAKE to investigate and guide the prevention and control of our epidemic situation and resumption of production. 

As a "three high" company in Xiamen, MAKE Lock Company ensured that we did a good job in resumption of work and production during the period of the fight against novel coronavirus. The district leaders affirmed the solid and meticulous anti-virus and resumption of work and production, praised the management's forward-looking awareness before the start of working, the ability to respond to the epidemic and the innovative anti-epidemic publicity methods in various ways, and praised the cash donation from MAKE and the support of mobile toilet products of our subsidiary, Toppla, to the Wuhan Fangcang Hospital. At the same time, the leaders asked the company managers about our difficulties in preventing and controlling the epidemic and resume production and other aspects, and said that they will actively assist in resolving them. 

During this Spring Festival, the new coronavirus epidemic suddenly came. Make has always practiced the responsibility as one ethnic enterprise. Since the outbreak of this epidemic, we not only lent key technical staff, actively sent necessary materials to help the frontline, and made every effort to ensure the production and supply of urgently needed materials for epidemic prevention, but also did a more comprehensive job of epidemic prevention and control, and make efforts to ensure that the company's resumption of work and production was in order. 
MAKE Communists took an active part in this epidemic 
We are MAKE's family. Let's win the war in this epidemic! 

MAKE will continue to carry out its main responsibility for the prevention and control of the epidemic, do a solid job for it, resolutely win it, and promote our resumption of production  orderly, powerfully and effectively. We believe that with the joint efforts of the national people, we will surely win this white war in the end!