The Safety Management of Vending Machines

The Safety Management of Vending Machines

MAKE has launched a new smart vending machine lock called MK223. This lock can not only change the disadvantages of the traditional vending machine lock but also can make the vending machine more intelligent and more secure.

MK223 improves on the drawbacks of traditional vending machine locks. The panel of the lock is as low as 6mm and can be opened with a touch. You can quickly pop up the T handle to unlock the lock and push the handle to lock. The more push the lock, the tighter the lock is. In addition, MK223 has super tensile resistance, it can withstand at least 200kg of tension. And it adds other functions, such as Locking Bluetooth technology, status feedback, abnormal alarm, etc. The addition of these functions will bring great convenience to the management of the operators.

MAKE Vending Machine Lock

Now, this vending machine lock is deeply loved by the majority of customers and has carried out extensive cooperation with many domestic and foreign customers. The new vending machine lock can effectively help solve vending machine management and operation problems!

Vending Machine Locks: in our daily life, for example, in shopping malls, hospitals, gymnasiums, gyms, and other public places, we can often see vending machines, which display a variety of snacks and drinks to provide people with a convenient and fast user experience. However, because vending machines are normally placed in 24-hour unattended public places, the safety of vending machines has become the most important concern for operators.

Definition: vending machine lock is the lock system used on the door of vending machine equipment.

Classification: as a one-stop solution supplier for vending machine security, MAKE has products such as American vending locks, Japanese vending locks, and European vending locks in the field of vending lock. The styles of our locks can meet the needs of different countries.