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Trends for Development of Lock Industry
Posted: 08/10/2016 05:15:53  Hits: 266
Lock products of Chinese lock industry has serious homogenization. There are amount of micro enterprises and every enterprise has the same marketing channel. Only a few brands are well known by customers. Even in household building materials industry, there are few famous lock brands. So, after the economic cycle ending, plenty of micro enterprises will be eliminated out. At present, real estate market is depressed in China, demands for lock products falls and sales decline. On foreign trade market, orders of some export enterprise have been decreased in this year, compared with previous years.

In the future, there will be two trends for development of lock industry in China.

Trend one: digital fingerprint lock is expected to offset technical weakness
For lock products, most of products on Chinese lock market are mortise lock and spherical lock. Two kinds of locks have simple manufacturing technology. Quality issues are generally avoided when locks are made of real materials and strictly hold every production process. However, the two locks are not high-tech products, having lower technical content and they are updated difficultly. So, although Chinese lock industry has been developed for nearly 20 years, it still does not make any breakthroughs. Product functions are always focusing on utility and security. The best effort that enterprises can do is holding product quality and updating appearance designs. It is not exaggerated to say that low technical content deficiencies of mortise lock and spherical lock, and become the developing weakness of lock industry. 

However, electric fingerprint lock coming out improves lock industry. With the development of intelligent security technologies and wide application of chip, electric fingerprint lock has been quickly developed. At present, some famous brands have already developed intelligent electric fingerprint lock. The intelligent electric fingerprint lock may be the last blue sea in lock industry. The market space is large and profits are relatively higher. In addition, profits brought by after-sales service are also large which are worthy for enterprises paying. An enterprise must focus on two aspects if it wants to survive. On the one hand, it should have products having high additional value. The products can bring more profits to enterprises. On the other hand, it should have products focusing on quantity. The products only need to earn few profits, aiming at attracting customers’ attraction, improving influences of brands and enterprises. Two aspects are indispensable. For lock enterprises, spherical lock is used to pursuit of quantity while mortise lock and electric lock can earn more profits.

Trend two: cooperation between lock enterprises and door enterprises stresses individuality
As is known to all, scale of door industry highly exceeds than lock industry after having been developed for more than ten years, though the development of lock industry is earlier than door industry. Nowadays, the development of door industry has already become weather vane of lock industry. Generally, lock enterprises only can design and manufacture matched locks after door coming out.

Trends for Development of Lock Industry