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Lock Industry Developing Requires Industrial Standards

Lock Industry Developing Requires Industrial Standards

Lock products have close relationship with people's lives. They are a kind of hardware products which guaranteeing stability and prosperity in society. In recent years, with Chinese hardware market developing vigorously, lock market also develops with trend. However, shortage of related standardizing system and imperfect industrial standards result in disorder on hardware lock market at present. 

In recent years, due to explosion on Chinese hardware market, the whole capacity of lock market has reached as much as 70 billion RMB. Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai and Shandong are the locations where lock manufacturers mainly concentrate in. For the opening of market and acceleration of the progress that Chinese lock industry integrates with global lock industry, high-end products will be the market highland of international competition. Lock products combining security assurance, beauty, functions and decoration will be the mainstream products in the future. 

Nowadays, annual sales of the nationwide lock can be as high as 2.2 billion. Annual business market demand for only fingerprint lock can reach 5 billion sets, like being used in enterprises, finance, defense and police, office and lives. At the same time, the demands on civil market are also constantly growing. The whole Chinese lock industry is developing irresistibly, including traditional mechanical locks, modern electronic lock and even door locks applied building currently.

At present stage, not only the intensified safety consciousness of residents, but also lacking of launching of relative standards cause hardware lock market chaos. Although the launch of measures which expanding domestic demands relieves partial pressure caused by financial crisis and door or window locks have obvious domestic sale uptrend, some problems are still existing in Chinese lock industry, besides the missing of industrial standards. Compared with the Western developed countries, Chinese lock industry is still located in low-end ranks. The industrial chain is very immature. The largest feature is that there are plenty of micro or small enterprises existing in China. Although the feature can ensure full competition on the market, the phenomenon of homogenization seriously hinders the whole industry from developing further. Nowadays, there are extremely few brands recognized and known by consumers in China.

Innovation of lock industry needs enterprises to change their concept. Change the ideas which mainly are imitation, holding proprietary technologies, increasing the investment on equipment, technology and research including patent innovation, improving technical content of products and intensifying differentiation of products. Enterprises should pay attention to improve brand awareness, carrying out brand strategy to change current situation. Seize the high-end market share and promote lock industry to develop healthily and rapidly.
Lock Industry Developing Requires Industrial Standards