Triangular Locks Have a High Profile in the Lock Industry

Triangular Locks Have a High Profile in the Lock Industry

Among all the industrial locks, as they have impressive advantages, triangular locks win "the Iron Throne". So how they defend this title? In this article, we will cast light upon the appearance and structure, performance and applications of triangular locks.

It is generally known that triangles are the most stable shape in construction. Compared with four-corner locks and hexagonal locks, triangular locks are more stable when keys are used to rotate the locks to lock or unlock doors. On the premise that the lockholes of the above three types of locks have the same size, the side length of triangular locks is longer than that of the former two. Based on the principle of lever, the locks require less force to rotate. In addition, we can pull them out effortlessly, and they will lock or unlock the doors as long as we use the keys to nudge or rotate them, which help save us time, effort and worry.

Now we move on to their performance. Triangular locks, more often than not, are installed on the cabinets, in which there are electronic instruments and equipment that are expensive or even dangerous. Considering this fact, cabinet manufacturers usually choose high security triangular locks to achieve internal and external isolation with desirable effectiveness. In order to make the locks be more compatible with the cabinets, most triangular locks are made of zinc alloys, with bright chrome surface and exquisite appearance. MAKE, a professional lock manufacturer and supplier in China, on account of the latest customer needs, have made technical improvement and launched new products that can solve problems for well-defined buyer personae. They are MK407-2, MK405, and MK406 triangular lock. MK406 is suitable for outdoor use, and the lock case and the lock plug are made of stainless steel, which effectively protects the lock against rusting. What's more, since it features a newly designed dust-proof cap, the MK406 triangular lock become water-proof and dust-proof. Besides, the keys are made of high-strength zinc alloys with high quality, so they are resistant to strength, have light torque and stand wear and tear. Details and quality make a good product!

In a word, with exquisite appearance, excellent performance and extensive applications, triangular locks deserve the title "King of the Iron Throne" in the lock industry.

Furthermore, if the triangular locks are used properly, without doubt you double the results with half the effort. Customers should take into account the following important precautions for installation of these locks: 1) do not install them when the paint is not dry; 2) do not use paper tape to paste the parts. Any installation errors may cause damage to the locks and the surface of the main lock body. If you have any questions about the purchase, installation and after-sales service, please feel free to email us or leave us a message on our website! (Editor: Claire Jeawin)