What Are the Advantages of Triangle Locks?

What Are the Advantages of Triangle Locks?

Triangle locks are very common locks in rail transit vehicles such as trains, subways, buses and industrial equipment like cabinets. Their appearance is simple and elegant, and they are very convenient to open and lock.

Unlike the general tumbler lock, the triangular lock has no keyhole, which seems to be unsafe enough. But in fact, triangle lock has many advantages in wide application scenarios. Below, we will take you to unveil the mystery of "triangle lock".

First, the triangular lock has strong durability. For the vast majority of industrial equipment, the locks used must have strong compressive strength, stable structure and firm material. The triangular lock has a built-in triangular structure, which has stability, firmness, pressure resistance, etc. It is not easy to deform during unlocking. Compared with other locks, it is more stable and very durable.

Secondly, the triangle lock can adapt to the harsh outdoor environment. Many industrial locks will be installed outdoors, facing wind, sun, rain, acid and alkali corrosion and other environments. If the material or surface treatment of industrial locks can not meet the requirements, they will be easily damaged, which will shorten the service life and increase the maintenance cost. Triangle locks are usually made of zinc alloy or stainless steel, and their surface is treated with bright chrome and bright nickel, which can adapt to harsh outdoor environments.

Thirdly, triangle locks are easy to use and manage. The key can turn the lock tongue to switch the lock, saving time, effort and worry. In addition, the triangular lock can open multiple locks with one key, which greatly improves managers' working efficiency.

As a commonly used industrial lock, triangle lock is adapted to many main usage scenarios. Triangular locks can be used not only for subway, bus, train and other rail vehicles which are closely related to our lives, but also for industrial equipment such as cabinets, and can also be used as outdoor garbage bins, lockers, kiosks, display cabinets, mailboxes, and toolboxes to provide safe and secure services for everyone.

MAKE triangle locks are made of zinc alloy. The lock shell and lock core are made of stainless steel, and the surface is treated with bright chrome, which has a beautiful appearance and can prevent rusting and corrosion, especially suitable for outdoor use. In addition, some triangle locks of MAKE are specially equipped with dust caps, which can be waterproof and dust-proof; The key is made of high-strength high-quality zinc alloy, which is resistant to strength, light torque and wear, ensuring the sturdiness and durability of triangular locks.