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Why are Triangle Key Locks Often Used in Trains, Subways and Buses?
Posted: 09/15/2020 01:34:04  Hits: 151
In life, when taking rail transit such as trains, subways and buses, we often see a lock with a unique shape. The lock is different from the ordinary one. It has no keyhole and its interior is triangular, so it is called a triangle key lock.

The Subway

The triangle key lock is a common lock in industry. It is named after using a triangle key. Triangular key locks are usually installed on rail transit (e.g. trains, subways, buses) and cabinets to protect the security of cabinets and some equipment. Why are those locks commonly used in rail transit and cabinets? Cause analysis is as follows.

First of all, the triangle key lock has relatively stable performance. Any kind of lock standing out is inseparable from the contest of strength. Thanks to the stability and pressure resistance of the triangle, the triangle key lock is not easy to deform in the process of unlocking and is more stable and durable than other locks. In addition, this lock only needs to be rotated slightly in the process of unlocking, so the operation is simple, saving time and labor.

Secondly, the triangle key lock has a unique advantage, namely convenient management. In general, this lock has a uniform shape and does not need the key bitting. Therefore, one triangle key can open any triangle key lock. When workers need to manage and maintain the cabinet, they can open any triangle key lock with only one key instead of a bunch of keys, which is very convenient to manage.

Besides, Make triangle key locks are made from zinc alloy. The lock case and lock cylinder are made from stainless steel, and the surface is treated with bright chrome. Those locks not only have beautiful appearances, but also can prevent rusting and corrosion, so they are especially suitable for outdoor use. In addition, some of Make triangle key locks are specially equipped with dust caps, which can be waterproof and dustproof. The key is made from high-strength and high-quality zinc alloy, which has wear resistance and light torque, ensuring the firmness and durability of the triangle key lock.

Triangle Key Locks

Make triangle key locks have many types, a wide range of applications and good safety. Besides rail transit such as trains, subways and buses, the locks can also be widely used in various distribution boxes, servers, communication closets, lockers, kiosks, display cabinets, mailboxes, tool cases, etc.