Why cam lock can be invincible in such a competitive market?

Why cam lock can be invincible in such a competitive market?

The lock industry is booming and the competition is fierce. The smart lock factory has sprung up. The traditional mechanical lock factory has also opened up new markets and developed new products. In particular, in the exhibition in recent years, the smart locks have been splendid and eye-catching. Traditional mechanical locks such as cam locks are still on display, however, the attention has been reduced.


To forge iron, you need a strong hammer. According to senior lock experts, the lock market is a big cake, and the traditional mechanical lock will always occupy a piece, as the size of the cake depends on its own "hardness". Then, taking the most representative lock, cam lock as an example, let's talk about why the cam lock is invincible in the competitive lock market.

The cam lock is widely used, with simple operation and natural advantages of a low price. Therefore, even in the era with a ringing endorsement for smart products, the traditional mechanical cam lock still holds a place.


Inevitably, there are also some pessimistic views, that is, the market of cam lock is saturated and the future will be in jeopardy. But from the current situation forecast, as long as cam locks are strengthened from the following several dimensions, this cake is still sweet.

1. Cam lock can attack the weakness of the smart lock with excellent quality
When consumers are worried about whether the smart lock is safe, whether the price is expensive, and the quality is acceptable, the chance of cam lock is coming. The point is that the quality of the cam lock can be more stable and the performance more secure, so that it can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the consumers. In addition, in some application areas, such as buses, advertising boxes, mailboxes, and even donation boxes, smart locks are not suitable. In contrast, cam locks can exploit these potential markets.

2. To develop creative cam locks to arrest consumers' attention from a new appearance or versatility
Novelty, avant-garde and beautiful appearance are important factors for the rapid rise of smart locks. Therefore, the cam lock should learn from the development of smart locks and cannot ignore innovation,  giving users a better unlocking experience by developing new features and introducing new technologies. For example, for children's playgrounds, cartoon and animal-shaped colored cam locks are very suitable; if used on the cash box, the cam lock with alarm function and keyhole will make the thieves do nothing.


MAKE® broken the conventional thinking and created cam lock with composite vanes M1-LOCK integrated various safety structures, and the safety has reached a new high in the history of MAKE. Moreover, the cam lock got the C-level certification of the Ministry of Public Security, and obtained the patents in China, the United States and Germany. In addition, the key equipped is like a butterfly wing, which looks novel and beautiful, so that consumers are fond of it.


Under the strong attack of smart locks, traditional mechanical locks that want to be in a dominant position should break the tradition and turn the weakness of smart locks into their own stronger advantages.