MAKE® Lock Provides a High Security Storage Environment for You

MAKE® Lock Provides a High Security Storage Environment for You

In response to the demand of the broad masses for the "light pack" of shopping, fitness, leisure and other living conditions, enterprises rely on the high-tech strength, the self-service, the sharing, and the intelligent locker puts in the public unceasingly. In recent years, lockers with different functions and forms have appeared in office buildings, schools, airports, railway stations, gyms, saunas, swimming pools and supermarkets of different sizes. So, what makes the locker highly be favored? How will the MAKE® lock provide a high security storage environment for you?


Convenience: As we all know, locker makes life convenient and reduces stress indeed. However, as the "gatekeeper" of the locker, the lock greatly determines the sensitivity of unlocking and the convenience of taking and putting items, especially in the period of high flow of customer traffic showing its superiority.

Environmental protection: The locker is neatly arranged with reasonable colors, which optimizes the storage environment. In addition, the emergence of the locker eliminated the manual luggage storage area, reducing labor costs and floor space.

Safety: Choosing a high security locker lock is responsible for the majority of users. Users choose to store items in the locker because they think the locker is reliable. Therefore, the locks that lockers are equipped with must be of high quality and high security.


However, while the locker has became popular, its shortcomings has also been discovered, such as locker explosion, locker theft, locker malfunction, etc. Therefore, how to improve the safety of storage environment while enjoying the convenience of the locker? And that's what we're going to talk about today.

First, quality hardware and components need to be provided. Lock is the core of the locker. MAKE® has invested a lot of research and development funds and advanced production equipment in the locker lock. At present, it has several locks with high security and beautiful appearance, such as cam lock, fingerprint lock, key code lock, swiping lock and so on. In the fast-changing era of intelligent, smart locks have obviously become the standard of high-end places. In the aspect of smart locks, MAKE® has three options, RFID card swiping sensing function, key password function and fingerprint touch screen perception function.


In addition, we talk about our traditional locks. These locks are mainly represented by cam locks with high security. The price is much lower than that of smart locks. It is widely used in various lockers, and ranks high on MAKE® sale list, because of its high quality and inexpensive.


Secondly, in order to create a high-quality storage environment, it is necessary to place cameras around the locker for security monitoring. Once the theft is found, users can call the police at any time, and the subsequent processing is on the basic of the video from the camera.

Finally, the explosion of the locker cabinet frequently occurs. Therefore, in some important occasions, the security inspection process of the stored items is required, and the flammable and explosive materials are prevented from being stored. Of course, publicity and advocating conscious storage habits are also very necessary. People should care for public facilities, consciously maintain the storage environment of the lockers, and be a civilized citizen.

All in all, lock is definitely a guarantee for the safety of storage!

If you would like to know more about locker locks, please keep focus on MAKE®.