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Operating Manual for Motorcycle Disc Alarm Lock MK617-4
Posted: 01/08/2015 10:58:39  Hits: 683
The Operating Manual for Motorcycle Disc Alarm Lock MK617-4

Press the lock core, it will be locked and you will hear the sound Du, which means it is coming into the alarming station after 15 seconds. When the lock body is vibrated, it needs 5 seconds to vibrate again then give an alarm. After that it will alarm with every vibrated. Alarm finished in for 35 seconds not to have vibrated, it will return to original alertness. If you use key to slip the butterfly, it will stop alarming. 

It will warn you with the voice DuDu when the battery runs out, the battery are needed replaced, it is easy to replace the battery. First, spin out the screws at the bottom of the butterfly lock, then take away the cover. After that, you can take out the battery and put the new battery into it and cover it. But you should pay attention to the anode and the cathode of the battery. 
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