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Proper Maintenance Can Prolong the Service Life of Locks
Posted: 12/24/2015 11:45:13  Hits: 537
Most people have no idea that lock needs to be maintained. Generally, when the lock doesn't work out, they choose to change a new one. In fact, the service life of locks can be greatly extended under proper maintenance. Then you will learn some lock maintenance knowledge.
Firstly, people nowadays usually do things decisively, straightforwardly, tending to ignore some small details in life, for example, after opening the door, most people will push it into the door frame, making them each other have a big hug, but this is not the door want. After opening the door, we should turn the handle, letting the spring bolt retract, and then before loosening your grip, make sure the combination of door and frame. In brief, you should avoid serious door collision so as to extend its life.
Secondly, when we open or close the door, we often turn it, and as time passes, it would be less flexible. Therefore, we need to ensure that the rotation part of the lock has lubricants which can reduce the friction from the lock body itself, thus extending the service life of the lock itself. Besides, in order to guarantee the security of locks, we'd better frequently check if there's any loosening of lock nail.
Thirdly, besides the lock body, lock cylinder is a part that we often touch. As time goes by, the key will not be smooth in the process of insertion and extraction, so we also need to add something to lubricate it. Lock, of course, is not allowed to be added lubricant or some oil substances. Therefore, we'd better choose to add some graphite powder, that's pencil lead powder. It can bring best lubricating effect to the lock cylinder.
Lastly, in addition to the above maintenance methods, we also need to regularly check the gap between the lock body and lock plate, the cooperation between lock plate and lock tongue and gap between door and door frame, etc. We all need to make appropriate adjustments. Otherwise certain security hidden danger will appear to shorten the service life of locks.

Proper Maintenance Can Prolong the Service Life of Locks
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