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The Classification of Lock
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According to different standards, locks can be divided into different types. 

First, according to the types of lock: 
1. Padlock: divided into copper padlock, iron padlock and password padlock. Its main specifications are 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 75 mm.
2. Drawer lock: divided into all-copper drawer lock, copper-covered drawer lock, aluminum conductor drawer lock and cabinet lock. Its main specifications are 22.5mm and 16mm.
3. Billiard lock: divided into single-safety lock, double-safety lock, triple-safety lock and multi-safety lock.
4. Core-inserting lock: also known as anti-theft lock, divided into steel core-inserting door lock and wooden core-inserting door lock.
5. Spherical locks: divided into triple-tubular copper spherical lock, copper spherical door lock and compartment lock.
6. Color lock: divided into glass door lock, mortise lock, button lock, electrical box lock, chain lock and cam lock, etc.
7. Electronic control lock: fingerprint lock, magnetic card, IC card lock, and coded lock.
8. Handle lock.
9. Air lock, train lock, ship lock, car lock.
10. Prison lock and other special lock, etc.
Second, according to the purpose of lock:
1. Entrance door lock, also called anti-theft lock. Entrance door is the front door of every family, dividing outside and inside. It must be equipped with a special function to play the role of safety and security. Generally, there are two entrance doors: an iron door, a front door (usually a wooden door). For steel door, both sides can be locked, which is commonly known as: double lock. Core-inserted steel door lock and multi-safety door lock are commonly used, So when making choice, you should pay attention to the distance between two doors which should not be less than 80mm (8 cm). Otherwise, the two doors can't be closed at the same time because the lock handle distance is not long enough. A big wooden door handle is usually installed in the front door for the purpose of decoration.
2. Room door lock: generally refers to the bedroom lock. The handle lock or spherical lock with the same function can be unlocked by keys from outside.
3. Bathroom door lock: it is characterized by inside lock and outside emergency opening device, with display of red and green, or with display of "taken" or "available" in small handle or spherical lock.
4. Kitchen and passage lock: it just plays a role of door handle and windbreak, no safety function. It can also be applied to storage and children room.
Third, according to manufacturing technique:
1. According to material:
A. Brass can be made into AC, AB, PB and BN spherical lock. AC, AB and BN are electroplated and painted, and BP is electroplated and polished.
B. Stainless steel can be made into SSPS spherical lock. The SS must be processed by abrasive paper and PS must be polished by hemp wheel.
C. Red copper SB must be polished by hemp wheel and sealed.
D. Log, beech and original beech must be closed. (the materials in the process of the production: brass, red copper, stainless steel, beech, log, marble, iron sheet, steel for inner core, zinc alloy, and aluminum)
2. The process of production: raw material shearing - inclinable power press punching with a variety of mould - trimming edge - sandblasting - polishing - electroplating sealing - assembly - inspection - packaging.
3. Assembly process - the installation process of spherical lock parts: front part - lock core - cap - bracket (including flange, sliding board, supporting frame, decorative sets) - former cover - switch - slider - spring - damper - safety plug - inner core set - rear cover - back part.
4. Surface decoration: SS - stainless steel sanding, SP - stainless steel polishing, SN - stainless steel cleaning, SBV - red copper sanding, PBV - red copper polishing, SB - brass sanding, PB brass polishing, BP - iron plating imitation gold, AC - antique copper, BN - black nickel, NK - iron plating bright nickel.

The Classification of Lock
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