Zinc Alloy Push Lock MK513-01

Zinc Alloy Push Lock MK513-01

China Zinc Alloy Push Lock Exporter: Zinc Alloy Push Locks, Master Key System, 7 Pins Or 10 Pins Available, Spindle Size Adjustable, Shiny Chrome.

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Name: MK513-01 Zinc Alloy Push Lock.

• Material: zinc alloy.
• Finished: shiny chrome.
• Key combination: 10,000.

1. Spindle size adjustable
2. High security with anti-drill ball.
3. 7 pins or 10 pins available.
4. Master key system available.
5. Customer-oriented development available.

Suitable for cylinders of trailer locks, container locks, steering wheel locks, car locks, marine locks, boat locks, automobile locks, etc.

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