Zinc Alloy, Brass Push Lock MK506-2

Zinc Alloy, Brass Push Lock MK506-2

Model No.: MK506-2 Hits: 482

China Push Lock Manufacturer: Zinc Alloy, Brass Push Lock, Mini Size, 4 Pins or 7 Pins Available, Locking & Unlocking are Only Possible with the Keys.

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Name: Push Lock MK506-2.
Material: Zinc alloy, brass.
Finished: Bright chrome.
Key combination: 1,000.

Applications: Intellectualized terminal equipment, metal/wooden cabinet, underground strobe, locker, coffer, AD showcase, vehicle, tools box, transport container, rifles outboard engine, trailer, train, automobile, boat, parking meter etc.

1. Locking and unlocking are only possible with the keys.
2. Mini size.
3. 4 pins or 7 pins available.
4. Customer-oriented development available.

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