ABS Key Code Lock

An ABS key code lock combines the convenience of key code access with the high-security features of ABS technology. This lock allows you to control access to your house by providing unique codes to family and friends. The ABS key code lock is designed to resist various forced entry methods, including lock snapping, bumping, and drilling.

It features a diamond-grade cylinder that withstands attacks from drills, screwdrivers, and hammers. The internal mechanism includes anti-drill, bump, and pick pins that damage or trap tools attempting to compromise the lock. Additionally, the ABS lock has a snap secure cam function, which activates if the front cylinder is attacked, preventing further infiltration. Even if the lock is damaged on one side, it maintains its integrity, ensuring continued security. Access is granted only with specially designed ABS keys or the assigned key codes. As a leading manufacturer specializing in ABS Key Code Locks based in China, we are dedicated to providing premium locking solutions.


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