Lock Plug

Lock PlugWhat are lock plugs?

Lock plugs are used to effectively prevent an electrical plug from being inserted into an outlet to use the equipment if unauthorized and also prevent accidental reconnection.

What are the advantages of lock plugs?

• Theft prevention

Lock plugs effectively prevent unauthorized removal of plugs, particularly in public places, shops, and offices where power sources need to be protected. They can deter theft, pranks, or misuse of power outlets.

• Child safety

For households, lock plugs are an important safety device. Children may be curious and insert their fingers or metallic objects into sockets, which can be dangerous. Lock plugs prevent children from accessing power outlets, reducing the risk of electric shock.

• Accident prevention

Sometimes people may accidentally touch plugs or sockets without paying attention, leading to electrical accidents. Lock plugs provide an additional layer of protection, preventing accidental contact and electric shock incidents.

• Power consumption management

In certain situations such as hotel rooms, rental spaces, or public facilities, lock plugs can help manage power consumption. By limiting the usage time and frequency of plugs, unnecessary energy wastage can be effectively controlled, saving energy costs.

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