Magic Plug Lock MK209
Magic Plug Lock MK209
Short Description
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China Magic Plug Lock Manufaturer: Magic Plug Locks, Material Zinc Alloy, changeable code, Anti-drill Ball on the Lock Front for Drill Protection.

Key Specifications / Features

Name: MK209 Magic Plug Lock.

  • Material: zinc alloy.
  • Finished: shiny chrome, nickel plated.
  • Key combination: code changeable lock.

1. Supplied with 1 change key and 8 different combination user keys per lock.
2. Mange key adjust lock combination. If adjust code 1, it should be available only with key 1, and then on.
3. The manager can change the key code while lock mounted without outward visual indication of what the current key code is. It is good used at vending machine and 

where top security is needed.
4. 1 lock equivalent of 8 locks, save cost and pro-environment.
5. Anti-drill ball on the lock front for drill protection.

Vending/game machine, ATM, Automatic Water Machine, Automatic Book Machine, Automatic CD Machine, intelligent terminal, electrical equipment, etc.

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