Van Lock

For business drivers who depend on their vans, ensuring van security is paramount, particularly given the rise in van thefts in recent years. Commercial vans are frequently targeted by thieves, especially if they carry goods or tools. Installing additional van locks can deter thieves and save you from the expenses of replacing stolen items.

There are several common types of van locks:

Slam Lock: These locks automatically engage when you close the door, ensuring your van is secure even if you forget to lock it manually. They're simple yet effective, perfect for drivers who want extra security without the hassle of manual locking.

Deadlock: Deadlocks need manual operation and only lock when the door is shut. They offer higher security as they're resistant to tampering, but usually require professional installation.

Hook Lock: These locks are mounted inside the door and require a specialized key for unlocking. They provide additional security and are suitable for situations where extra protection is needed.


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