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The door lock also has a warranty

The door lock also has a warranty

At present, door lock cylinders in the market are divided into grade A, grade B, super grade B, etc. Consumers can identify quality of the lock cylinder by rows of pins. Generally speaking, pin tumbler locks with multi-row of pins are superior to pin tumbler locks with single row of pin, and pin tumbler locks with invisible multi-row of pins are superior to pin tumbler locks with ordinary multi-row of pins. It is said that the grade B lock cylinder costs more than the grade A lock cylinder. Most of the lock manufacturers release grade A locks in the market. If the anti-theft door lock has only one row of pin, it is basically a grade A lock cylinder. If you feel that it is not safe enough, you can replace it with a grade B or super grade B lock cylinder to improve the overall anti-theft performance of the anti-theft door.

Materials and quality of locks are also important
Besides the lock cylinder, quality of the door lock is also very important. Generally, locks are made of aluminum alloys, stainless steel and copper. Locks made of aluminum alloys have the lowest strength and are not durable. Locks made of copper have the best quality, but their prices are also higher. Locks which are made of copper manufactured by different manufacturers have different design and quality, and it is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish the good one from the bad one. The only way for consumers to buy a good lock is to compare different lock brands. Locks made by famous lock manufacturers are well designed and have a good appearance, while low-end locks will have a rough appearance. In addition, when the lock with good quality is opened, the sound is mostly clear. When you insert the key into the low-end lock, the sound is mostly muffled.

Many anti-theft doors and their locks in a housing estate are purchased and installed by real estate developers, and most of them don't have good quality. The same type of door locks largely used in a housing estate will increase the probability of different doors having the same locks in theory. Many new residents in a housing estate said that some people went to the wrong unit. It turn out that it was not their home after they opened the door. If you do not change the lock cylinder for a long time, it will cause more serious hidden danger.

Door locks' lock cylinders must be changed every five years
The lock cylinder of ordinary locks will be worn naturally after the lock is used for a long time, so the lock can be easily opened by a key with a similar key cut. The ordinary door lock's cylinder must be replaced after it is used for five or six years.