How to choose a motorcycle lock?

How to choose a motorcycle lock?

Motorcycle locks are protective guards for motorcycles. Motorcycle locks include switch locks, fuel tank locks, tail trunk locks and tool locks.

How do motorcycle manufacturers choose good motorcycle locks?

Firstly, check whether or not the surface of the lock has defects such as unevenness, scratches, flash, burrs, cracks and blow holes which can affect performance of the lock.

Secondly, check whether the switch lock has clear gears and good conduction.

Thirdly, the protruding height of the tank lock should not be higher than 15mm of the fuel tank. The surface of the fuel tank lock should be smooth. If the height of the fuel tank lock is higher than 15mm, there should be protection.

Fourthly, use a gauge to measure whether the size of the lock is within the allowable tolerance range. 

In addition, ask the manufacturer to have some tests such as endurance tests, salt spray tests and vibration tests if possible.

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