The Maintenance of Locks Appearance and Performance

The Maintenance of Locks Appearance and Performance

This technical article introduces the maintenance methods for locks appearance and performance.

The maintenance of locks appearance
1. During house decoration, please use plastic bags to seal lock handle, panels and other exposed parts, so as to avoid the lock parts surface treatment layer is covered with acidic or alkaline materials and gas erosion spots, and even delaminating phenomenon, which seriously affects the appearance quality of the locks.

2. During normal application, if there is any dirt, you can use dry cloth to clear but do not use chemicals such as detergent scrub. Otherwise, it can damage the protective film and makes locks fade. Don't use wet cloth to wipe the lock body and the handle, because some of the metal will rust locks; alloy locks will wear off and lost beauty.

The maintenance of locks performance
3. In the process of using locks, if it cannot be used smoothly, you can put graphite powder inside the keyhole lubrication, but please do not add any liquid oil substances as lubricant, in case to avoid oil sticks and lead to the failure of locks.

4. Good habits should be developed during normal use, you had better hold the hand of board when close the door, put the bolt inside lock body, close the door and then let it go. Do not force into the door, otherwise it will reduce the service life of the lock.

5. When the main bolt of security bolt is out, you should not vigorously clash it or the bolt and boor frame will be damaged.

6. Between the sealing strip between the door and door frame has elastic effect, so when handle or key lock is tight, you can open the door and at the same time use the handle or push the door to overcome the elasticity. Do not strongly turn the handle and the key to open the door, in order to avoid breaking handle or key.

Anyway, the maintenance of locks is very simple, which will require people to develop good habits in our daily life, pull it gently, and do not hold heavy objects on the handle. When the lock cannot be flexibly opened, you should timely maintain it rather than forcedly use it.

The Maintenance of Locks Appearance and Performance