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Locks Parts Processing Technic Analysis
Posted: 07/10/2015 11:27:36  Hits: 515
This technical article analyzes the processing technic of locks components from four points.

1. The materials of locks parts such as lock case, lock catch and cylinder are most iron casting. Their surface is rough, so we can use grinding wheel to polish it.
2. Polishing cylinder circle uses rag wheel of flat shape. Because of its concave and convex surface, we use new polishing cloth. At present polishing cloth is used mainly for well-distributed polishing. Wipe grease on the wheel and two wheels just need one time wiping. In order to convenient processing, you can make a handle according to the shape of the circle, which can reduce labor intensity and is also safer. During polishing you should polish concave surface and them the convex one.
3. First polish it on the rubber wheel, and then use polishing cloth with butter to do it again. The diameter of polishing wheel is within 45~50 cm, and usually polishing two times just need once butter. If the polishing wheel surface is too greasy, you can use some talcum powder after butter. Cylinder plays a main adornment effect on locks, which still needs elaborate polishing in order to enhance its decoration brightness, namely put white oil on the cloth wheel and polish again.

Locks Parts Processing Technic Analysis
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