Tips for Choosing Mechanical Lock

Tips for Choosing Mechanical Lock

Choosing mechanical lock is critical for decoration. Mechanical lock has closed relationship with life security and property security. The followings are the tips for choosing mechanical lock.

1. Focus on standards for mechanical lock
In developed countries, there is extremely strict standard for mechanical lock. For this, imported lock products has relatively higher quality. The quality of lock can be judged through hand feeling. In general, lock has relatively high quality with heavy feeling. The lock body should not have sharp corner. The sharp corner can easily cause damage to people, especially ends of handle, spring bolt and corners of body. Lock with good bolt can be opened flexibly, having high sensitivity and long service life. Lock also has various styles. So, we must pay attention to bring lock into correspondence with the decoration style of interior door.

2. Focus on materials of mechanical lock
The materials used for lock on market can be classified into stainless steel, copper and zinc alloy. Stainless steel has high intensity and strong corrosion resistance without discoloration. It is the best raw material for lock. Copper is more commonly used. Copper has excellent properties and high price. High quality zinc alloy has firmness and abrasive resistance. It has high strong corrosion resistance, easy for shaping. Zinc alloy is mainly used for intermediate lock.

3. Focus on surface treatment of mechanical lock
Surface treatment is classified into electroplating, spraying and coloring. Through surface treatment, a compact protective film is formed on the surface of lock product for corrosion prevention and rust protection, making lock more beautiful and more durable. Compact protective film is also a standard for measuring quality of lock. Lock having good quality mainly uses electroplating. Plating is fine, smooth and uniform, having bright color without bubbles, rust and oxidation.

4. Besides above tips, the followings also need to be considered:
a. Operation place and importance of mechanical lock;
b. Application environment, conditions and requirements. Especially, left opening door, right opening door, inward opening door and outward opening door should be highly noticed in case of false choosing;
c. Mechanical lock should coordinate with decoration environment;
d. If there are the aged, children or disables at home, lock should be convenient for utilization as much as possible;
e. Choosing mechanical lock should be based on economic strength. Some locks have extremely high safety performance while high price, which are not suitable for common salaried class.

Installation of lock
1. Should hire experienced carpenter or masters having knowledge about lock to install. Tapping, chiseling supporting nest, locking plate and lock box hole should follow distance sample plate on specification, preparing for installation.
2. Check dug hole and strictly follow procedures of specification. If the lock is opened or closed inflexibly or cannot be opened after installation, should timely consult lock master, technical service division or after-sales service division of dealers or manufacturers for figuring out problems. 
3. Disassemble the lock after inspection. Reinstall the lock after oil paint being brushed on door and drying out (after two or three days), in case of oil paint adhering to lock, affecting appearance and usability. In addition, if oil paint does not dry out completely, gas of chemicals corrodes lock, accelerating surface treatment changing, having influence on appearance and reducing service life of lock.
Tips for Choosing Mechanical Lock