Zinc Alloy Electronic Keypad Lock MK731-V

Zinc Alloy Electronic Keypad Lock MK731-V

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Zinc Alloy Electronic Keypad Lock Supplier: MK731-V Electronic Keypad Locks, CR2450 Power Supply, Vertical Version, All Metal Zinc Alloy Housing.

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Technical data

Item No: MK731-V
Type: Electronic Keypad Lock
Material: Zinc alloy
Finished: Satin chrome or powder coating
Power supply: Standard CR2450
Function length (X): 20.5mm / 30.5mm
Version: Vertical


● Keypad operation: More durable and easier operation.
● All metal housing: Durable with 10mm lock housing.
● Three-level management: Master, Sub-master, User.
● Public and Private mode: The same lock can freely switch between public and private modes.
● Master key: Emergency unlocking.
● IP65 rating: High-level resistance to water, humidity and dust.
● Low battery warning: Low battery indicator.
● Anti-microbial: Optional with anti-microbial (Esche Richie coil and Staphylococcus aureus) up to 97%.
● Door thickness available: Various door thicknesses from 0.6mm to 20mm (metal, wood, glass, plastic...).


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