Keypad Lock

Keypad Locks from MAKE Locker Lock Manufacturer.

What Is Keypad Lock?

A keypad lock utilizes a numerical input device as the primary method for unlocking and securing a door or access point. Instead of a traditional key, users input a pre-set numerical code (or occasionally an alphanumeric code) on the keypad to access the area. If the entered code matches the lock's programmed code, it will unlock, permitting door opening. 

Key Features of Keypad Locks

Code-based access: Users can establish a personalized PIN (Personal Identification Number) to unlock the door, and some keypad locks permit multiple user codes for convenient access management among family members, employees, or service providers.
Security: Numerous keypad locks provide robust security, featuring encryption and anti-tampering measures. Certain models even include built-in alarms for unauthorized entry attempts.
Keyless Entry: Using your personal code, you can easily enter and lock your home with a few button presses, eliminating key loss, lockouts, and the need to hide keys under the mat.
Convenience: Keypad locks are particularly handy for homeowners, businesses, or properties requiring frequent access. They eliminate the need for carrying keys and the concern of getting locked out.

The Keypad Lock Specialty

1. Keypad operation, quick and easy to install.
2. Three levels of management: Master, Sub-master, and User code.
3. Switch public use and private use freely.
4. Master key for emergency unlocking.
5. Suitable for doors in wooden, plastic, metal, laminate, etc.
6. Available in silver or black as standard.

The Keypad Lock Applications

Suitable for all types of lockers, cabinets, furniture, and general enclosures, including those in schools, offices, hospitals, gyms, clubs, swimming pools, saunas, and athletic locker rooms.

Why Choosing MAKE Keypad Lock?

We offer intelligent keypad locks primarily designed for high-end public lockers. Available in two styles, horizontal and vertical, with ultra-thin panels and a high-quality 10-button keypad for security. These locks feature standardized installation holes for easy replacement of the original mechanical lock without damaging the locker or the door.

The keypad lock integrates a lightweight and secure design with a zinc alloy body, power coating, and a silicone keypad infused with antibacterial agents to prevent Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. It effectively inhibits bacteria and ensures hygienic use.

Make's keypad lock features a four-level management system (management, manager, technician, user) with varying usage and management rights. It also includes a master key for easy emergency unlocking.

The lock offers both public and private modes: private mode for specialized personnel managing lockers/office furniture and public mode for general use lockers. In public mode, the original password is automatically cleared until the next user resets it.



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