Keypad Lock

Keypad Locks from MAKE Locker Lock Manufacturer.

Keypad Lock Specialty

1. Keypad operation, quick and easy to install.
2. Three levels of management: Master, Sub-master, and User code.
3. Switch public use and private use freely.
4. Master key for emergency unlocking.
5. Suitable for doors in wooden, plastic, metal, laminate, etc.
6. Available in silver or black as standard.


The Lock Applications

Application for School, Office, Hospital, Gym, Clubs, Swimming Pool, Sauna, Athletic locker rooms, suitable for all types of lockers, cabinets, furniture, delivery boxes and general enclosures.

We provide you with intelligent keypad locks, which are mainly used in high-end public lockers. The lock includes two styles: horizontal and vertical, with ultra-thin panel and high quality, 10 security button keypad to meet the needs of security; standardized installation holes are easy to replace the original mechanical lock, without injury locker, do not hurt the door.

The keypad lock adopts an integrated design to achieve a dual combination of lightness and safety;  the zinc alloy body with power coating is finished and the silicone keypad is added with antibacterial ingredients, which can prevent Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli. It has good inactivation and bacteriostatic effect, and excellent antibacterial ability to ensure healthy use.

Make's keypad lock has a four-level management system of management level, manager level, technician level and user level, with different use and management rights, and is equipped with a master key for emergency unlocking, which is easy to use.

The lock also has the function of public mode and private mode: the private mode is suitable for lockers /office furniture managed by special personnel; the public mode is suitable for public lockers. In the public mode, the original password will be automatically cleared until the next user resets.


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