19mm Dimple Key Cam Lock MK114-31

19mm Dimple Key Cam Lock MK114-31

Model No.: MK114-31 Hits: 325

China 19mm Dimple Key Lock Factory: High Security Zinc Alloy & Brass 19mm Dimple Key Cam Lock, Dust Shutter, 3600 Key Combinations, for ATM, MailBox, etc.

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19mm Dimple Key Cam Lock MK114-31

Material: zinc alloy, brass
Finished: bright chrome, bright nickel
Key combination: 3,600 group
Application: Intellectualized terminal, financial equipment, electrical equipment, cabinets, public telephone, game machine, underground strobe, vending machine, lockers, safes, advertising box, automatic washing machine, refueling equipment, locomotives, mailbox and toolbox, etc.

1. Top security dimple key system with dust shutter, handle smoothly.
2. Two lines of pins, higher security.
3. Customer-oriented development available.

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