MAKE Tubular Tongue Lock

MAKE Tubular Tongue Lock

MAKE Tubular Tongue Lock
Help European and American Self-storage Services to Be Safer and More Convenient

Customer profile
E Company is a well-known self-service storage center in Europe and America, which is dedicated to providing customers with tailor-made storage solutions and providing self-service storage space. At present, E Company has five storage centers in Europe and America.

Background: Self-service warehousing is prevalent in Europe and America.

In Europe and America, the limited living space in cities and the acceleration of population mobility have made self-storage services popular.

Self-service warehousing is not just an ordinary rental of a warehouse or workshop. It is to temporarily keep things that people don't use in their lives. On the one hand, it can save housing space, and on the other hand, it only needs to pay a small amount of money.

With the development of the economy and society, the expensive land cost, and the decrease of configurable space in cities, self-service warehousing has been favored by more and more people, and the application scenarios are more and more extensive.

With the vigorous development of self-service warehousing, the security problem of self-service warehouses follows. In addition to providing convenience for people, how to keep the stored goods well has become a major concern for self-service storage solution providers. In addition, how to make the warehouse management more perfect and standardized needs to be explored and solved by the warehouse solution provider.

For customers, the pain is lacking stable lock suppliers.

Self-service storage is similar to lockers, which can not be separated from the security provided by locksets. Before this, E Company had ordered locks from a lock supplier in China, but after everything was ready, the locks were not delivered on time. Since then, E Company has been purchasing from American suppliers from 2017 to 2019. However, due to the high procurement cost, after knowing that American suppliers are also purchasing from China, E Company decided to come back to China to find new suppliers to reduce costs.

In the process of finding a new supplier, E Company hopes that the new supplier can meet its two demands: First, the quality of the supplier's locks is high and the quality is guaranteed; second, suppliers are reliable to establish long-term and stable cooperative relations.

Solution: tubular tongue lock MK100-32

At the end of 2019, with the recommendation of peers, Company E found MAKE and formally put forward the purchase demand. After several rounds of communication, MAKE provided tailor-made solutions for E Company, and recommended using MAKE tubular tongue lock MK100-32.

MK100-32 tubular tongue lock is made of copper with high strength, bright chrome, and bright nickel on the surface. The key teeth carry many flowers, which feature in high safety.

Unlike other tumbler locks, MK100-32 has multiple management systems: management keys and guest keys, which have double security guarantees. The using effect of guest keys is different according to the position adjusted by management keys.

When the management key is adjusted to the 12 o'clock position, the guest key is valid. The management key is adjusted to the 9 o'clock position, and the guest key fails, which is convenient for safety management.

After sample testing, E Company is very satisfied with MAKE lock products. The whole process lasted nine months from the customer's demand to the final transaction of the product. The professionalism, refinement, and high-quality service provided by MAKE in the communication process left a deep impression on E Company.

In their view, MAKE is not only a professional and large-scale lock factory but also a stable and reliable lockset production and comprehensive service provider, which deserves long-term cooperation.

Since 2020
E company's formally purchased MAKE tubular tongue lock MK100-32 for its self-service warehouse center

Up to now
MAKE has provided safety locks for self-storage services of dozens of similar European and American customers like E Company.
Escort the property safety of our European and American customers!