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A Brief Analysis on Types and Materials of Cam Locks
Posted: 04/08/2017 03:28:40  Hits: 176
(1) Pin Tumbler Lock
Pin tumbler locks refer to the locks with copper pins as plugs to control the rotating in the inner structure. It is small and the most popular switch cabinet lock in industry and business.
Cam lock with size of Ø12mm x L10.5 can match 200 keys due to their small shapes. Cam lock with size of Ø18.5mm x L16 has seven pins because of its big size and can match nearly 10 thousand keys with perfectly security performance. Pin tumbler locks are made of high-quality zinc alloy and copper.
(2) Blade Cam Lock
Blade Cam Locks refer to the locks with metal blade( commonly used copper and stainless steel plate) as plugs to control the rotating in the inner structure. This kind of cam locks have simple structures and are easily processed. It is widely applied to switch cabinets, electric switch cabinets, mailboxes, file boxes, toolboxes, etc. This kind of locks can match at most about 2 hundred keys. Blade cam locks are made of zinc alloy.
(3) Triangular Cam Lock
A Triangular Cam Lock has lock cylinder in shapes of solid filled triangle, straight line, square.
This kind of cam locks are widely used in industrial equipment and switch cabinets. They all share the same keys. They are usually made of zinc alloy and sometimes made of stainless iron.
Generally, when purchasing locks for switch cabinets and electric cabinets, people always worry about whether the locks are durable or the surfaces are easily get rusty and oxidizing. This problem is related to the materials these locks are made of and the surface treatment of locks.
From the perspective of durableness, the best material for making locks for doors of switch cabinets is stainless steel. Among the series locks of switch cabinets’ doors, cam locks are made of high-quality materials as well as plugs and well treated on surfaces. Thus, the more you use cam locks, the glossier they will be.
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