Five Properties of High-quality Lock (Part One)

Five Properties of High-quality Lock (Part One)

Quality is the key point of the lock and the high-quality lock cylinder becomes the best indication of the high quality lock.

A high-quality lock cylinder needs to be made of premium materials. The materials of the lock pin are essential. At the same time, due to certain hardness, toughness and abrasion resistance required, the best material of the lock pin is stainless steel or the nickel alloy. Furthermore, the deadbolt, the key and the strike plate are also required to be with high toughness and good abrasion resistance. 

Nowadays, a premium lock cylinder is usually made of alloys containing 16% of nickel and 2% of manganese. 

During the purchase process, the lock performance can be judged through the key cylinder, a lock cylinder has good quality when its key is precise, screw hole is clear, and the workmanship of the key slot is fine.

On the contrary, it can be concluded that the lock cylinder has bad quality if the key is with rough processing, the workmanship of the key slot and the screw hole is poor, or the color of the screw hole is different from the surface color of the key, which also indicates that the lock may not have good quality.

The key can indicate the structure details, the quality and the precision of the lock cylinder, and the quality of the lock cylinder can indicate the quality of the lock. Hence, it is easiest to know the quality information of the lock by appraising the quality of the lock cylinder.

A reasonable cylinder structure of the lock is directly relevant to the safety performance of the lock itself. The reasonable structure, for the lock, means that a composite structural lock cylinder is better than a single structural lock cylinder because the single structural lock cylinder has worse performance than the composite structural lock cylinder.

Each kind of lock structure has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The pin tumbler lock has the good ability to resist picking, yet has the poor ability to resist twisting and vibration. With the single structural lock cylinders, locks can cause the security problems which occur together in a certain area and a certain period. For example, there is social news reported by the mass media that some locks in a certain area were picked massively. In these accidents, usually, the locks have lock cylinders with single structures. 

With different structures mixed up together, the lock cylinder shows the comprehensively anti-theft capability much better than the others'. Moreover, the security capabilities of the mixed structural lock cylinders surpass those of the single structural lock cylinders.

During the purchase progress, it is recommended to choose the lock with the mixed structural lock cylinder. Meanwhile, in order to know the lock product better, people can refer to the lock diagram provided by the lock manufacturer.

In these days, the triple structural lock cylinder is synonymous with the highest-standard lock cylinder, which can guarantee the security for its users.