Five Properties of High-quality Locks (Part Two)

Five Properties of High-quality Locks (Part Two)

With high machining precision, lock cylinders get better performance.
The machining precision of the lock cylinder is almost directly related to the security property of the lock. With the digital design and manufacturing, the lock cylinder gets the better security capability than the lock cylinder produced by the traditional manufacturing technology. The smaller the place between the lock pin and the pin chamber is, the more security the lock cylinder gets.  

It can be recognized that the lock can not guarantee high security when it has the lock cylinder with poor workmanship, needs the smooth file to polish the lock pin and requires the lead powder and the lubricant to lubricate its lock cylinder.

Typical high security lock cylinders always have high resistance to picking.
Such complaints can be heard that the lock used in daily life only works to against the virtuous people following the social morality because it is very easy to pick a lock.

In order to be resistant to picking, the lock cylinder of the lock is supposed to be anti-picking, anti-bumping and anti-drilling. 

The lock gets better anti-twisting capabilities when the lock pin and the lock cylinder are in closer contact with each other.

The protection of the lock cylinder gets better, the stronger anti-bumping ability of the lock has. To prevent picking from the drilling, the anti-drilling latch, the anti-drilling plate and the special shaped lock cylinders can be adopted to protect the lock cylinder. 

A lock is inferior with ultra-low security if it does not has any protection of anti-drilling or anti-picking, or adopt structures such as the anti-drilling latch or the anti-drilling plate. This kind of lock is not worth buying.

The protection to prevent keys from being duplicated makes the lock better.
As the progress of science and technology, it is easier to duplicate keys than ever before. For instance, a key can be duplicated easily with the help of its photo taken by the smart phone. Considering unexpected cases like this, the sensible customer-oriented lock manufacturer protects the key by making its shape and appearance unable to be seen by anyone except the lock owner.

It is so horrible if the lock and the lock cylinder do not have any protection that the key can be seen by many people such as the seller, the installer, the locksmith, etc., which means that the key of the new lock may have already been duplicated before the lock is put into use.

As a matter of fact, it is easy to buy a high-quality and high-security lock if the lock materials, the lock structure, the machining accuracy, the anti-picking protection and the anti-duplicating protection are paid attention to during the purchase process. It is not recommended make a fetish of the lock cylinder classes because the security protection property of the lock might be overstated. Only the materials and the workmanship of the lock can tell the truth.