Unlock with your minds

Unlock with your minds

Make Security Technology Co., LTD believes that the intellectualization progress is accompanied by every stage of human society. Even from the wooden lock to the metal reed lock in the ancient time, they are constantly evolving and changing.
What will the future lock look like? How can today's smart technology change the trend of ordinary locks?


"I hope this smart lock can be unlocked when receiving a voice code just like 'open sesame'. The smart lock has a voice recognition function, and it will be opened after you give the right password. It also has a function of face recognition, in case someone records your voice. Voice plus face recognition will definitely keep your door secure. Then if a stranger comes along, the smart lock will ask the stranger who he or she is. If the lock system has a more powerful faster calculation, it will send a warning to the house owner." said Hui Lin, Make Security's chief executive.
Calculation is the most important thing of the intelligent lock. The second is the network. The third is perception, facial recognition, various voice recognition and environmental recognition. 
The data is formed and then offers feedback to the background for testing and refinding use. Finally, the intelligent lock becomes more firmly and reliably. The product MK727 made by Make Security Company has been designed and crafted under these four steps.
Make Security Company has been providing intelligent security systems for over 14 years and has more than 50 domestic patents and 6 international patents. Our main products include cam locks, vending machine locks, smart locks, push locks, laptop locks, RFID locks, biometric locks, combination locks, custom hardware, etc. Providing innovative intelligent systems that are not just locks has always been Makelocks' philosophy. We will strive to keep being the leader manufacturer in the intelligent lock field.

Make Security Company currently is developing a lock product for disabled people. Brain machine signals are important. This kind of lock is very important for the disabled, especially when voice and other recognition functions don't work well for some severely disabled people. It's very convenient to use brain signals to unlock the lock, which has a very good effect on certain groups.