How Does the Four-digit Code Lock Solve the Problem of Public Lockers?

How Does the Four-digit Code Lock Solve the Problem of Public Lockers?

The importance of lockers to office, fitness, leisure and entertainment in our lives is self-evident. They are not only the key areas for creating the decoration style of the place, but also the public areas with high usage rates. They are also responsible for the safety and security of customers' belongings.
As the applications of lockers continue to increase, users have put forward higher requirements for their use, especially lockers in public places. How to make locker locks meet the needs of diverse applications while improving security and user experience is a topic confronted by many locker storage solution providers.
1. Customer background: a professional locker solution provider
Company A is a professional locker solution provider in Southeast Asia. Through continuous research and development, it applies the latest technology to the company's lockers, allowing customers to enjoy easier and more convenient storage.
a professional locker solution provider in Southeast Asia
With the mission of providing people with high-quality products, the company is committed to meeting the need for storage for global customers and contributing to the convenience and safety of life. Over the decades since its establishment, Company A has provided excellent storage solutions and services to many well-known customers.
2. Customer challenges: Locker passwords are easily known and difficult to manage.​ 
By knowing the pain in the ass confronted in the locker lock industry, we learned that Company A’s original mechanical combination lock still had the code wheel in its original position after unlocking, which could easily lead to the password being known; and most users often forget to mess up the code after closing the lock, bringing risks to the locker.

 The problem confronted in the locker lock industry
At the same time, as lockers are increasingly used in public applications such as hospitals, schools, and offices, the original locks are also inconvenient to manage.

Make provided Company A with a new locker lock solution based on the above problem and needs.
3. Solution: MK718 four-digit password lock helps solve users’ problems.
MK718 is one of Make's new four-digit combination locks. It adopts an all-metal lock body and a round lock body, which is compact and beautiful. The surface adopts a diamond flute-cutting process, and the lock body and password wheel are made from pure metal, which is strong and durable and can meet the daily security needs of the locker.

MK718 four-digit password lock
In response to the problem of passwords being known, Make developed a function of a one-button reset for MK718. After the lock is opened or closed, the password wheel will all return to zero, eliminating the need for the user to deliberately disrupt the password, effectively preventing passwords from being known and greatly improving the security of the locker.
For the different needs of independent and open lockers, MK718 provides two modes, that is private modes and public modes, which are used for ordinary use and temporary use.
Automatically setting the passward 
The private mode is suitable for stable personnel, and the password will be valid for a long time after being set. In this mode, the lock is generally closed, and you need to enter a password to unlock it when using it.

The public mode is mostly used for lockers in open or public places, and is suitable for mobile people who need to store things. In this mode, the lock is open. Users need to set their passwords to lock and unlock when using it. After opening the cabinet and taking out items, the password becomes invalid until the next user resets the password.

Different modes
The two modes solves the diverse use needs of lockers in private and public places, and make  Company A's locker solution use more.
Fast code searching
When you encounter situations such as forgetting the password or the lock is damaged, you can use the emergency key of MK718 to emergency unlock the lock and quickly get the password within 6 seconds, so that you can use the locker without any worries.
Result: The security and management of the locker is improved.
After using MK718, Company A’s locker has improved its ability to prevent user passwords from being known. At the same time, MK718's public & private mode and emergency unlocking function also provide convenience for the use and management of company A's public lockers.
MK718 for the locker lock
"The four-digit code lock helps us solve the problem of using locker locks, allowing us to provide customers with more professional locker solutions, which will greatly help improve the competitiveness of our products and build brand influence."

Solving the customer’s problem and improving customer experience are the principles that Make has always adhered to based on customer needs. Over the years, Make has provided customers with professional security solutions with high-quality products, rich experience, and professional services, helping brands create differentiated competitive advantages and striving to become a trustworthy one-stop security solution provider for customers.