MAKE Electronic Password Locks

MAKE Electronic Password Locks

How can MAKE electronic password locks help customers realize service upgrading in the era of intelligence?

01 Customer background

Y company is a manufacturer deeply engaged in the locker industry for more than 30 years. As a large domestic exporter of lockers, Y company has long provided customers with school lockers, fitness cabinets, locker cabinets and other lockers. With excellent product quality and after-sales service, it is deeply loved by the majority of users. Its products are exported to Europe, America, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

02 Customer challenges

Under the background of the intelligent era, Y company, as a typical traditional manufacturing industry, is also thinking about how to empower its products and replace the mechanical locks that were widely used with more convenient and intelligent electronic locks as the key work. Therefore, looking for an electronic lock with complete functions, safety and reliability, beautiful and generous appearance, which can perfectly fit all kinds of lockers of Y company, has become the most important task of manager Zhang, the purchasing director of Y company.

03 Make solution

At an exhibition in 2020, purchasing manager Zhang of Y company was very interested in the products of Make. After in-depth communication, combined with years of foreign market sales experience of Make, summarizing the preferences of foreign customers and considering the actual needs of Y company, Make recommends mk730 electronic password lock for Y company. A lock perfectly meets the needs of Y company.
1. 12 security button keypad, keyless management

Y company focuses on the production of high-end quality lockers. Its product style is grand and noble. Traditional mechanical locks not only limit the attempt of style but also bring trouble to customers by relying on key management. Make intelligent electronic password lock mk730, the key password management method directly hits the customer's pain point, gets rid of the key management, and the customer can freely set the password and rely on the password to switch the lock.
2. IP65 waterproof and anticorrosive, harsh surface treatment

In the outdoor environment, the wind and the sun are the necessary tests for the lock. If it has not undergone rigorous surface treatment, the lock is prone to cracking, water seepage, corrosion and other problems. Mk730 has undergone rigorous surface treatment and has passed the IP65 waterproof and anti-corrosion grade, so it can easily cope with outdoor and other bad environments.

3. The two modes can be switched freely and managed flexibly

Mk730 is equipped with fixed mode and temporary mode to adapt to the user's habits of lockers in different scenarios. When the locker is placed in the gym, swimming pool and other scenes with large traffic, it is suitable to set the mk730 to the public mode. When the user uses the temporary password to unlock, the lock will automatically clear the password. After locking, it cannot be opened with the original password. The user needs to set the temporary password again before opening. The private mode of the lock is applicable to the lockers placed at home and in the office, and the lock can be unlocked by using the fixed password set by the user.

04 Project result

"Make is not only a manufacturer of industrial locks but also a provider of solutions for us. We are willing to reach deeper and long-term cooperation with Make." ——Manager Zhang, the person in charge of procurement of company Y

Make focuses on the production and manufacturing of industrial locks and commercial locks. While providing products to customers, it hopes to provide customers with the best solution to problems through the team's own expertise and strength and achieve common progress with customers in cooperation.