How Does Make Vending Machine Locks Realize Easy Operation and Maintenance

How Does Make Vending Machine Locks Realize Easy Operation and Maintenance

How does MAKE self-service vending machine lock help operators realize easy operation and maintenance management?

Self-service vending machines have ushered in the peak of development. At present, the paving points of self-service vending machines are becoming more and more intensive in China. This new retail mode is increasingly recognized by merchants and consumers because of the high-tech content carried by the machine itself and the advertising media value contained in it.

The vigorous development of self-service vending machines has also brought unprecedented challenges to the management of self-service vending machines. As a domestic high-tech company specializing in the development, production and sales of related products in the field of self-service technology, X company, relying on its strong technical strength and strong manufacturing capacity, provides a full range of self-service vending machine products and solutions for business partners all over the world. These products and solutions are widely used in schools, enterprises, hospitals, shopping malls, stations, high-speed railways, airports and other places.

Facing the increasing number of self-service vending machines, many inconveniences in the daily management and operation of self-service vending machines have become the primary problem perplexing X company. After in-depth communication and understanding with the relevant person in charge of X company, Make has brought new ideas to X company to solve the management and operation problems of self-service vending machines based on its more than ten years of R & D and manufacturing experience in industrial and commercial locks.

1. Open an innovative key management mode

"Our self-service vending machine is laid in the school teaching building. There is a large flow of people. Compared with other vending machines laid in other places, we need to replenish goods twice a day. Each replenishment needs to carry a large string of keys. It's really troublesome"——Mr. Zhou, vending machine operation and maintenance personnel of X company

After an in-depth study of the problems faced by the operation and maintenance personnel in the vending machine industry, the R & D team of Make proposed a variety of solutions to the key management problem, among which the Bluetooth self-service vending machine (MK221) is very popular with customers.


MK221 adopts Bluetooth connection technology to allow operators to leave the key and realize one-touch unlocking at the mobile phone platform. Getting rid of the traditional key management mode, paying attention to the real needs of the business partners and helping partners find the most convenient solution is the essential reason why MK221 has been affirmed by many partners since its launch.

2. Authorized unlocking management

"Unattended self-service vending machines are put into major public places in the city. How to ensure the safety and maintenance is our most concerning problem."——Ms. Chen, self-service vending machine operator of X Company
The mobile terminal authorization management interface

Considering the special security requirements of the self-service vending machine industry, MK221 is equipped with APP. Only the app account authorized by the manager can open the corresponding lock, and each unlocking and locking is recorded in the background to ensure the smooth and efficient operation and maintenance of the self-service vending machine.

3.  Equipped with self-service auto pop up T-handle

"After finding the matching key, you still need to manually rotate the T-handle for several turns to open the lock. This is very troublesome and inefficient."——Mr. Xu, manager of the self-service vending machine of X Company

After MK221 is connected to Bluetooth, select the unlocking device and then touch the unlocking device to unlock the lock. The T-handle of the lock will pop up automatically without manual rotation. It truly realizes the integration of unlocking and popping, which can liberate the hands of managers to the greatest extent and improve work efficiency at the same time.
Intelligent vending machine equipped with mk221

From unlocking to the safety management of locks, MK221 provides one-stop service. The humanization consideration of each link makes the design of the final self-service vending machine lock present the most comfortable user experience to customers.

The self-service vending machine industry is still updating and changing with the development of science and technology, and Make also follows the trend of the times, optimizes products from details, and strives to bring customers more than expected experience.