The Past and Present of the Storage Cabinet

The Past and Present of the Storage Cabinet

From machinery, electronics to intelligence, we bring you to know the past and present of the storage cabinet!

The storage cabinet, which is usually a lattice cabinet with different quantities, is mainly used in large supermarkets, office buildings, gymnasiums, entertainment places, gyms, swimming pools, clubs, saunas, schools, libraries, government departments and other public places so that users can deposit items. It was originally imported from Japan and imported into Taiwan, and it began to appear and gradually applied to the Chinese mainland in 1999. With the continuous development of China's economy and science and technology, great changes have taken place in the deposit cabinet. Today, I will show you the evolution and history of the deposit cabinet in recent decades!

Classify Storage Cabinets According to Materials

The first generation of storage cabinets is wooden storage cabinets, which have been used for hundreds of years since their earliest use. This kind of wooden storage cabinet is mainly made of solid wood or composite board, so it has the disadvantages of easy cracking, moth-eaten, non-waterproof and easy corrosion. Therefore, it is rarely seen in the market and is only used on some occasions with a good environment now.

storage cabinets

The second-generation storage cabinet is a metal storage cabinet, which is a steel storage cabinet with a sheet metal forming process. It is strong, durable, not afraid of moths and not easy to deform. Once it is on the market, it has replaced a large part of the market of wooden storage cabinets. However, this kind of storage cabinet also has the disadvantages of easy paint falling, rust and scratch, and the packaging and transportation cost is high.
metal storage cabinet metal storage cabinets

The third-generation storage cabinet is a plastic storage cabinet, including an ABS cabinet, HDPE heavy cabinet, anti Beite cabinet, etc. Due to the use of plastic as the main raw material, this generation of storage cabinet has many advantages, such as easy installation, easy transportation, lightweight, compression resistance, impact resistance, not easy to rust, waterproof, scratch resistance, easy cleaning and so on, so it has gradually become the mainstream product in the market.

plastic storage cabinet

plastic storage cabinets

Classify Storage Cabinets According to the Control Mode

The first generation is mechanical storage cabinets. The most common types of storage cabinets are mechanical storage cabinets with keys and coin-operated mechanical automatic storage cabinets. In the 1990s, these kinds of storage cabinets were widely used in supermarkets, libraries, bathing beaches and other public places.

mechanical storage cabinets

The second generation is electronic storage cabinets, which are commonly equipped with bar code multi-functional electronic storage cabinets and card swiping storage cabinets. Generally speaking, supermarkets, stores, bookstore and other public places use bar code multi-functional electronic storage cabinets, while community letterboxes, dressing cabinets, rental cabinets, Internet cafes, hotels, baths and other public places use card swiping storage cabinets.

electronic storage cabinets

The third generation is the intelligent storage cabinet. With the development of advanced technologies such as the Internet, mobile payment, the Internet of Things and AI intelligence, the combination of advanced technology and automatic storage cabinet forms an intelligent storage cabinet. This kind of intelligent storage cabinet can adopt fingerprint, password, code brushing and face brushing opening mode to realize one key automatic access to items, flexible billing on time or billing per time. They also can be set to public mode, fixed mode or privacy mode. The scope of application is also broader, which can be used in schools, supermarkets, government units, offices, etc.

intelligent storage cabinet

From the evolution history of the storage cabinet, the appearance of the storage cabinet is not only more and more beautiful, but also more and more functional, and the safety performance is also getting better and better. A good cabinet needs to be matched with a good lock. There is a wide range of locks that can match the storage cabinet on the market. The lock with a pure plastic shell is easy to crack after knocking; Locks with poor texture don't match the style of high-end deposit cabinets. How can we correctly choose a suitable locker lock?

MAKE Cabinet Lock: Not Only of High-end But Also Beautiful and of High Quality

Independently planned by MAKE, we have launched the medium and high-end RISE intelligent electronic lock series and TIME mechanical password lock series, which can solve the customer's pain points and meet the needs of different customer scenarios.

Rise: reliable, intelligent, secure, elegant, which represents the high-end storage cabinet intelligent electronic lock with the characteristics of reliability, intelligence, safety and elegance. Rise series intelligent electronic locks are designed by excellent ID designers with more than ten years of experience in the industry. They polish the industrial design element - "wave line" or "smile curve" with "make style", and apply for a number of design patents for the "family" series products, which also greatly increases the market recognition of MAKE brand - "safety lock, made by MAKE".

MAKE Cabinet Lock

cabinet locks

Time series mechanical password lock: trust, instant, mechanical, excellent, which represents the reliable and high-end quality of MAKE. Time also means that the dial can work smoothly like the minute and second hands of the clock. The series products have the functions of quickly returning to "0" with one key and quickly finding or changing the password.

Mk716 bar mechanical code lock is made of zinc alloy, with high-quality chrome-plated surface treatment, built-in patented one-button "0" structural design, 6-second fast code search, and emergency unlocking master key, suitable for use without battery.

Mk716 bar mechanical code lock

Mk718 disc four-digit word code lock is also known as disc dial lock. The dial is made of metal and has anti-corrosion. The built-in resettable function design, 6-second fast code search, waterproof and anti-corrosion made it safer. It is suitable for outdoor use. It is also suitable for use without a battery.

Mk718 disc four-digit word code lock

Safety Locks, Made by MAKE. For more industry-related consultation and knowledge, please keep following our latest information.