Make Helps File Cabinet Manufacturers Compete in the Mid-To-High-End Market

Make Helps File Cabinet Manufacturers Compete in the Mid-To-High-End Market

File cabinets are cabinets for keeping documents, which are generally used in offices, archives, reference rooms, storage rooms and personal study rooms. File cabinets play an important role in our daily lives. They can be seen everywhere in government agencies, schools, hospitals, large companies and small companies.
File cabinets

As the filing cabinet industry gradually matures and the market continues to subdivide, improving the technical content and added value of products will become the general trend for the development of the filing cabinet industry. In this context, accelerating the layout of the mid-to-high-end file cabinet market and forming a good competitive advantage in the fierce industry competition have also become issues worth thinking about for file cabinet manufacturers.
The background of the customer
Company S is a well-known locker and filing cabinet manufacturer in Europe. With the advantages of safe products, innovative solutions, and complete after-sales service, they provide users with unique file cabinet solutions. So far, Company S has provided satisfactory filing cabinet locks to many customers and has been greatly favored and recognized.
A well-known locker and filing cabinet manufacturer

As competition in the industry becomes increasingly fierce, Company S has ushered in a new development strategy. The company hopes to gradually create differentiated products and services on the basis of stabilizing the existing market, achieving a competitive advantage in the mid-to-high-end file cabinet market.

The challenge of the customer: File cabinets need to be upgraded.
Company S previously used mechanical locks as the main locks, and was confronted with the following challenges in business expansion:
The challenge 1
Mechanical locks have many keys. When taking multiple documents from different file cabinets, you need to carry multiple keys, which brings inconvenience to the daily use and management of the file cabinets.

The challenge 2
Mechanical lock keys are easy to copy, and employees often copy them privately to open the lock, resulting in files being easily at risk of being stolen.

The challenge 3
Mechanical locks cannot highlight the appearance and grade of file cabinets, which is not conducive to the company building a brand of high-end file cabinets.
In order to meet the upgrade needs of file cabinets, Company S hopes to replace the existing mechanical locks without damaging the existing cabinets and create a batch of safe and smart mid-to-high-end file cabinets.

Solution: The intelligent electronic combination lock MK731
In the cooperation process, Make provided MK731 as a solution to Company S. MK731 is an electronic combination lock for the office furniture industry. Its functions and features perfectly meet the current needs of Company S.
The intelligent electronic combination lock MK731

10-digit password, being safe and secure
The password button is used to unlock the lock, and no key is required when using it, allowing the file cabinet to completely get rid of key management. The password is freely composed of 10 digits and can be set by the user. It has good security and reduces the risk of file theft.

10-digit password

Multi-level systems, being easy to manage
MK731 has multi-level management levels and is equipped with a master key for emergency unlocking. Different levels correspond to different usage and management permissions, which not only facilitates the daily use and management of file cabinets, but also ensures the safety of each file cabinet and reduces potential safety hazards. MK731 has temporary modes and fixed modes, which can adapt to the safety and use needs of file cabinets in different applications.
MK731 lock

The lock body is made from all metal, and the panel is as thin as 1cm, exquisite and compact, which can fit all kinds of cabinets. The simple and elegant appearance can enhance the appearance of the file cabinet in every detail and highlight its unique taste.
Standard mounting holes with universal installation
Using a standardized installation hole can directly replace the original mechanical lock without drilling additional holes. It is easy to replace. It does not damage the cabinet or the door, and saves installation and replacement time.
Project results: File cabinets become more competitive.
With the MK731 solution, Company S’s filing cabinets have been upgraded. Whether it is safety or daily management, MK731 has made S Company's filing cabinets a new look and formed a differentiated advantage, which has greatly enhanced the competitiveness of S Company's filing cabinets in the field of mid-to-high-end products.
MK731 improves the file cabinet

During the cooperation, the responsible, professional and patient service offered by the Make business team was also praised and recognized by Company S.

Make Security focuses on the production and manufacturing of industrial locks and commercial locks. With the professionalism and strength of the team, we continue to empower Company S in the cooperation process and help it compete in the mid-to-high-end file cabinet market.